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Name: SeleniaS1
Birthday: Oct 31 1992
Location: Santa fe
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 21 Apr 2016

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I am sorry everyone if I have not messaged you back something is going on with my mail. It says I reached my time limit. Please message me on my other account SeleniaS01. Thank you! :)

I am very friendly and am willing to talk to anyone about anything. And well feel free to message me. I am a bisexual and I feel free to talk about it. I am an original witch I follow my great grandmothers steps. I embrace the dark and carve my fate the way I want it. When I was little my great-grandmother cast a spell on me and my siblings well she cursed us and we are stuck they way we are forever meaning now I am 107 years old and have been searching for a cure for the curse. Which I recently found out you have to make 120 human sacrifices on the spot so I said forget it.

Scary huh?

Ps. I also have another account... I go by SeleniaS01

Long story short... I am a vampire... I say this out of truth and

nothing more. If you don't believe me I am not making you.

And honestly I am a sex addict...

My favorite oldies song is- Def Leppard pour some sugar on me...

Just a little warning to those who want to chat... I can be a little shy at first...

My story:

Okay... In the year of 1906 I was forced to become a vampire. I was married with 1 child and a husband I loved dearly. That year my husband successfully gained power over a village.

One evening we received a letter a letter from a man in another village who held the same amount of power as my husband over his village.

We arrived there one morning. Exhausted from our trip I indeed needed to rest but, not with out greeting the village master.

We went to an early lunch and the servants said that the head master was out on business. Every time during the day when we attempted to seek out the head master he was not there he only came about at night.

The head master's name was Darius. He found me one evening on the balcony of the guest room my husband and I were staying in.

I thought the man was my husband trying to play a trick on my because he hid in the shadows. Before I knew it he was speaking to me of everlasting youth, immortality, never ageing as he put it.

He said I could be forever young and beautiful. I thought he was mad and tried to get away to find my husband it was then I looked into his eyes and they seemed to change color.

I woke up to my husbands voice. I was bleeding from the neck and my husband went mad that night thinking there was a wild animal running loose.

I started to become sensitive to the light. Whenever I ate my hunger was never satisfied. I wanted something. Several times I had caught my self staring at a human savant's wrist or neck I could see their very veins pulsing.

I felt hunger. That night that came... Much too soon the life of my son and husband were taken. I sank into a deep depression. And was forced to marry Darius.

I then snuck out that night. I went to my great-grandmother who was a powerful witch. I begged her to help me to save my soul and she said, "Why come ask me for help? You know I will bring you suffering. I will curse you and your entire family.' She made my family like me.

I felt like I was in hell no matter where I turned I was in it. I was punished by my great-grandmother just because I was born female. And she hated the family all because of that.

Several years later she died... Alone. And the curse was never broken.

Oh and I have had many Incubus boyfriends. :)


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