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Name: Sigmund
Birthday: Dec 16 1994
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 23 Jun 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello all, I am interested in learning, purely for the sake of learning, I have no intentions of ever using anything I might find here in the world unless it is purely philosophic, then I will more than gladly use the information ^_^...

I come here as a Christian willing to learn what other people hold as true and personal, I come here wanting to meet people, anyone really, if you ever want to speak don't hesitate to message me, even if you've never met me before, spoken with me before, or heard of me, I want to meet you and I want to know who you are... don't hesitate to send me a message...

To come to a close, I really am lonely, I can work myself into a froth thinking about hypocrites et al, and I can get quite prickly if rubbed the wrong way, but eventually, after long conversation, I can become as soft as a chinchilla ^_^... I have thoughts and beliefs that many would consider old, just warning you :p

anyway, enjoy!


oh yeah, if you've read this far you might want to know a bit more about me so...

Soon I will be in college studying for a degree in biochemistry... i hope it doesn't chew me up o.o'


Height: 5'11"

Weight: ...Nope...

Nickname: There are many, Sigmund is only one

Zodiac: Sagittarius



--in General--



-Doctor Who

-Heavy Metals (Lead, Gold, etc)

-Humorous webcomics (appropriate or not doesn't matter, as long as there is humor and a loose storyline at least... if all it is is sex and violence with absolutely no direction I will not read it)

-Music(almost anything except rap *shudders*)

-Odd/creepy/thought provoking material (animations, books, movies, etc..)

-Philosophical discussions (especially when no one involved thinks they are naturally always right */me looks at a party no one reading this will know*)

-Humor(I have been known to spin a pun or two... not always appropriate, or at the appropriate times either, but I do like a good laugh hehe :p)

-As you have no doubt noticed, I also like to use emoticons ^_^

-The Paranormal






--In people--

I can come to like just about anyone ^_^



-I can't stand it when people let abbreviations (lol et al) stand to convey a complete thought

-same goes with emoticons (almost always, but sometimes it can stand ^_^)

-Hypocrites... enough said

-People who openly and loudly express hate, particularly those who think themselves in the right expressing this hate

-Those who feel their God-given right to an opinion means that they can force it on others, and/or not listen to another's opinion



-(Heavy)Drug users, and alcoholics


Anyway, I would really like to meet new people, and I can be quite friendly, please message me! ^_^


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