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Name: Xavyr
Birthday: Aug 21 1997
Location: Wisconsin
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 01 May 2014

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I am bi. I write poetry. I play clarinet and piano. Im learning guitar. I read a lot. I love my metal and alternative rock. I sing. I draw. I have red hair blue eyes and pale skin. I have Asperger's Syndrom, ADHD, depression, and anxiety disorders. My birth name is Abigail (people call me Abby however), my Wiccan name is Xavyr Raven Shayde


You found me in the Dark

When I had no one left.

Drowning in my Darkness,

Losing myself to Them.

I found you in the dark,



Lost in the deep,



I found you in the dark.

You became my Light.

You became my salvation.

Like two halves of a whole,

We were together.

Light and Dark united.

Then all too soon,

It all fell to ruin.

We salvaged what we could.

But it will never be the same.

As when,

You found me in the Dark.

I am here to learn anything i can to help me on my path. I'd like to learn about astrology, tarot, auras, chakras, energy, herbalism, angels, spirit guides, faeries, elementals, healing, astral projection, astral travel, spirit communication, numerology, palmistry, pendulum, runes, anything really....

I am visited by these spirits. They call Themselves Them. They sometimes will control my actions.

Every time I truly finish a dream, it is one of my past lives. I die horribly most of the time. And occasionally, I experience what happened in the time i spent with the Goddess.

Smoked a cigarette:Yes

Drank so much you threw up:yes

had feelings for someone who didnt like you back:all too often

been arrested:almost

gone on a blind date:no

skipped school:yes

seen someone die: yes

been to Canada:no

been to Florida:yes

Been to California:no

Been on a plane:yes

been lost:yes.

been on the opposite side of the country:i live in wisconsin.....

gone to DC:yes

swam in the ocean:no

felt like dying: always

cried yourself to sleep:every night

played cops and robbers:no

recently colored with crayons:no

sang karaoke badly:yes

paid for a meal with own money:yes

done something you told yourself you wouldnt: story of my life

made prank phone calls:no

caught a snowflake on my tongue:yes

danced in the rain:no. i dont dance

wrote letter to Santa:no

been kissed under the mistletoe:nope

watched the sun rise with someone u love: does my cat count?

blown bubbles:yes

bonfire on the beach:no

crashed a party:never been invited to one

gone roller skating; my main mode of transportation

ice skating: 3 times, never fallen

started a mosh pit:never been to a concert

own a knife: which one?

ran away for more than a day:yes

got in a fight and lost: its called parents

got in a fight and won: yes

go to court:almost

go to jail:almost

love someone:yes

hate someone:all to many

think someone hates you: my entire elementary and middle school

is gay:no

is lez:no

is bi:yes

isnt any of them:no

has a fagot parent: does a psycho preppy mom and a idiot dad count?

was beat by parent: yes

has a tattoo:not yet

is goth: a bit

is emo:ive been told

loves life: nah

wants to die but not kill themself:sometimes

wants to kill themself:a lot

has ever cut: yes

likes to cut: yes

is a drama queen:not really

doesn't care what people think: not really

has more than one friend: irl or online?

believes in no cheating: yes

has done pot: yes

likes pot: yes

Root: open (31%)

Sacral: open (38%)

Navel: open (38%)

Heart: open (44%)

Throat: open (62%)

Third Eye: open (56%)

Crown: open (56%)

find yours at

Got blocked from chat because the moderator called pixa treated me like a fool, and I fought back because I don't need to be treated like that.


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