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Name: KetusKale
Birthday: Jun 26 1991
Location: Cleveland, TN
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 08 Apr 2013

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To ask me why I Fight, is to ask the Leaves why they Fall.

Greetings, call me Kale.

I was born 6/26/1991, beneath peak of Full Moon in alignment with the star Alnilam of the constellation Orion.

I Generally like all animals, but I Love Foxes and Wolves. My spirit animal is a Wolf. :P

I'm Water Element. However, I am not under any circumstances limited to that element. I enjoy Gaining Knowledge, and understanding the powers of others as well as myself. I also want to learn more powers/spells (due to recent events defending against attacks, and the like)

I kinda have this "other side" of me that randomly shows up and talks all serious all the time lol (I know, I'm crazy) no real need to worry about him as long as you stay on his good side :D the lack of contractions and abbreviations should give him away right off the bat lol plus I'm A lot funnier :P

I'm Chris btw. I'm 21, and I currently make swords for a living. lol

Now to be serious for a moment...

There are a great many things that I know, as well as an even greater many things of which I know naught, but my capabilities have been limited due to past events and issues with those whom lust for power.

I wish to learn more about myself and what I truly am. (because apparently, no one seems to know)

Many people (who have proven that they carry credible knowledge and skill), have told me that my Spiritual-Self (and my Aura in a released state) carries the shape of a Bipedal, Feathered Wolf with 8 Wings, and talon-like hands. I've heard of and seen many creatures similar to this description and none could tell me what it is.

For Many reasons, I am here merely to discuss, research, and gain knowledge and strength for my own personal growth that I may come to know my Spiritual Identity.

I possess mental awareness, divination, chakra flow(intake and output), Manipulation of what is known as Kenzhi (Universal Energy), elemental manipulation (Veteran), augmenting(Beginner), Enchantment (novice), among other things of which I'm not at liberty to say lol.

Oh, and if it helps, my dad's some freaky, powerful werewolf-shinigami type thing, and my mom is a some sort of Psychic Vampire. However, NEITHER of them will tell me anything. So yeah, if you want to know more about me you're gonna have to ask lol.

And Please, I accept criticism, but no haters/skeptics.. if you try to laugh at me in skepticism, or down on me, -.- I'll flip and Eat you alive with my words. lol

Have a great day! ^_^


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