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Name: xxdrakexx
Location: Alone, in my personal hell of insanity.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 19 Dec 2013

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So, I know what inverted cross actually is - it's the cross St. Peter, the first Pope, was crucified on. For that matter, I've never actually understood how can satanists claim it's their symbol. LaVeyan satanists probably know it's origins, but the question still remains - why the f...king hell are you using it? Are satanists in affiliation with St. Peter? Was St. Peter a satanist? For both theistic (real) satanists and LaVeyan (p***sies like Marily Manson pretending to be satanists) the reason is the same. See, satanism has never been a legit religion or philosophy. They just started chanting Latin prayers, changing "God" or "Christ" to "Satan" and took a bunch of occult and religious symbols representing Light and turned them upside down. Also, the cross. Just in 21st century they actually found out that it represents how worthless a human being is, compared to God. Later, a p***sy version of satanism - LaVeyan satanism - the same good ol' atheism - denying existence of God and/ or Satan (they used the name to sound bad***s, but still get away, if they had to deal with people of other religions or in case if Devil and/or God does exist). So, I'm asking countless "satanists" out there - why are you using St.Peters cross? You claim that Christianity is bulls**t, but use symbol, which says "I'm worthless. I'm a slave of God. I am His tool and I'm not worth being crucified on a normal cross, because He was." If you consider yourself a satanist, please, answer what does St. Peter have to do with satanism of any kind. Thank you.

Latvian Gray mage and Hunter. In love with the perfect girl. C, I know I dont deserve it, but I want to be your friend again. I love you, sis. I know you hate me and dont want me to be ever born, but I still love you. Youre the best sister in the world. I LOVE YOU. Theres no better friend than a sister and theres no better sister than YOU. Saija, youre a great friend... Not like me. Virgo, this is for you.

There's something in your eyes,

It always drives me mad,

There's something in that light,

Light coming from your face,

I know that there is love,

There is a God above,

My present from the God,

How can I tell I love you?

To my little Wolf.

Everytime you cry, a star falls,

But when you smile,

Two stars born from your eyes.

Everytime you cry, my soul burns,

But when you smile,

The darkness fills with Light.

Tiger and Wolfie forever.


. Please, dont do what you said you will do... I love you too much.

A bit about me.

I love:

+You, Virgo

+My friends

+My sisters and brothers


+Fields Of The Nephilim.

I hate

-People who think they' re better than others (ALL are equal. I don't care whatever deities you think have granted you supernatural powers, noone is better or worse than others.)

-Satanists (Just and only the LaVeyan kin, who actually do not even worship anything, just use the name to seem cool)

-People who think they are demigods/vampires/Nephilim/demons/ whatever the f***k.

I tried to love everyone in this world, but I failed.

Also, Wiccans are not Pagan. Pagan means "pre - Christian". No, the word does not have otther meanings. This is how early Christians called believers of earlier religions. Wicca was created in 20 th century. No, there are no traces of the book that spawned this Wicca craze earlier than that. The actual term used is "Neo - Pagan"... Although I'm not sure this makes much sense either :/

No, you cannot convince me to start? being "normal". I HATE EVERY THING MAINSTREAM SOCIETY CALLS NORMAL.


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