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Name: SexyKat2
Birthday: Mar 28 2019
Location: Sucking the blood from ppls necks
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 11 Jul 2016

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Favorites _____________________________________________________________________________ Band:Skrillex (kill everybody),Hollywood Undead (i dont wanna die) Botdf (yo ho a pirates life for me)

Color:Black and Bright Green

Status:Lazy _________________________________________________________________________ i dont care if your suacidle, or a purferct ecsample if your a genius or a person like me(not the brightest light ever)but if you have the WORST life then ill try and help you anyone just dont go bye bye forever me and others will miss you just THINK real hard I love you all ______________________________________________________________________ ____________

ok so I made a game up and it goes like this. I say a word and you say the FIRST thing that comes to your mind like this me:VAMPIRE you:BLOOD and so on kk get it...good if u want to play mail me with "the game" for the subject __________________________________________________________________________________

Im on scene kids my name is: IMMAdinosaurRAWR


I love vampires' most of my friends like/are vampires' if u want to become a vampire then do this exactly:

1st: go to my history

2nd: click the one that says "VAMPRE"

3rd: do it EXACTLY as it says (Ask me questions if u need to)

4th: enjoy ur new life


I know life may suck but I know it gets better it really dose and if u think suacide is the anwser...You are so wrong its not. Self harm...How dose that help? it makes you look like you have been beaten. Nobody cares about you hmm...Well I do I always will nomader who you are or what you are. You will ALWAYS be loved always. Killing yourself is not the anwser, self harm or anything else like that is NOT the anwser. You think NOBODY will miss you, right? Well you're wrong alot of people will miss you. Your parents, your best friend(s), your loving brother/sister people LOVE you FOREVER I swear i know how you feel...Please just know at LEAST I love you forever and always ^-^. Everybody on this site is like family and i dont want a brother/sister gone...Please never think like that


If you LOVE twilight message me with "YAYYYY" for the subject

if you "like" twilight message me with "Mif" for the subject

if you hate twilight message me with "Buddys" for the subject


Me, behave? Seriously? As a child I saw Tarzan almost naked, Cinderella arrived home after midnight, Pinocchio told lies, Aladdin was a thief, Batman drove over 200 miles an hour, Snow White lived in a house with 7 men, Popeye smoked a pipe and had tattoos, Pac Man ran around to digital music while eating pills that enhanced his performance, and Shaggy and Scooby were mystery solving hippies that always had the munchies. The fault is not mine! If you had this childhood and loved it, repost!


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