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Name: black_coven2
Location: usa
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 16 Mar 2013

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I'm Tyson, I'm gay and i adore lady gaga. Ever since i turned 13 i have had these connections. Weird connections that i could not place correctly in any puzzle. I came across a box that my parents had in our house attic that had these 'books?' and i had no idea what i had found. Of course as i got farther into my research i came across what looks like a journal. Anyway as i finally figured out what it was, i started getting these anonymous text messages telling me that they knew who i was and that if i didn't stop what i was doing someone was going to die. Of course me thinking it was one of my friends, thought nothing of it. But then they got worse. I soon found out my phone had been re-wired or something, someone else was and still is using my number to send threats making it look like me, to all of my closest friends and family. Then i start dating this one guy, Cody Rusell, oh my god he was gorgeous and everything a guy could ask for, but anyway i get yet another text from this blackmailing texter:

i told you once and i won't tell you again,

stop what you're doing before someone gets hurt...


again i sort of thought nothing of it but i was aware something might happen. But still i wasn't worried. Then the next day comes around and i wake up with a phone call. It was Cody's sister. He had died just 17 minutes before. I busted out all these questions to her and it was sure of it, he was out of my life forever. I cried in my room all day. I get another text and it was the texter again:

are you going to stop now,

now that your precious boyfriend is dead???...


From then on out i stopped until now that i know i have a supporter who can support me, SammiVanity, my bestest friend ever!! But i had to put on a happy act so that no one would notice. But my friends knew as 'it' kept texting them too. I tried all that was possible to stop it but nothing worked. If anyone knows of any spells or rituals to stop a hex? or a curse? or something please message me.


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