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Name: LordAsral
Location: Merry Olde England, Great Britain
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 10 Feb 2013

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Like Goethe`s Faust, like Shakespeare`s Prospero, like Nemesis the Warlock...... CHAOS AND CREATIVITY are my names and The Dark Arts I embrace to bring Nature`s balance.

I live in the Cotswolds with the hills in England and I have an old Edwardian House with a large library and a real log fire. I love Classical music and hypnogenic forms of isochronic beats and my study is an old fashioned incense filled delight . I use a hand made for me baton as my wand which sits above an old French carriage clock and I have crystals and water features all over the house and garden.

I use an Angel Tarot pack and which I keep in an old wooden Tarot box and I am very high tech. I am well educated and know a lot of Philosophy and Astrophysics and Arts generally including Theology. My Facebook account has a lot of Quantum Physics and high level Science on it.

My Faith is to The Good, Platonic, Aristotelean, Hebrew and all.

I believe in being the balance to the Cosmos in magic. Truly the emissary of God in bringing the Karmic flow to those who have it coming.

I was recently robbed and set up and the Police did nothing so I got into the Dark Arts originally via Revenge spells for the wicked.

I believe it is my duty to study and operate in such realms as prayer and Psalms 1 to 5 did nothing. I have taken it upon myself to be more proactive with my will.

Highly moral. Considered a gentleman. I will not be trifled with by unrepentant criminals and the plebeian cruel masses and the truly Godless.

I believe the universe is mystery and more than deterministic. Life is beyond the standard model in science.

Like Goethe`s Faust if there is a God I too believe I shall eventually be carried off by Angels as I am more wronged against than wrong doing.

I care deeply about people and matters of Justice.

I was born into a wealthy Church of England family. I own property and drive a private plated Mercede-Benz with my intials on it.

I have a deep interest in Cultural Metaphysics through the ages and Anthroposophy and even Theosophy and Rudolph Steiner has influenced me more probably than Crowley.

I have a love of the historical-politicus in general and like viewing major historic treatises like:-

Formicarius Malleus Maleficarum Summis desiderantes affectibus.

I am very well read in Comparative Religion and Post Analytical Philosophy and Astrophysics. There just has to be more in Nature is my answer.

I have an interest in Hermetic Quabalah, Chaos Magic, Post Modern Psychonautics, New Age ( By this I mean Hypermodernity,Remodernism,Supermodernity, Meteamodernism, Transmodernism, Supermodernity as well ) I am a Post Analytical Philosopher like Richard Rorty ( Read Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature for clarification ) so Epistemoloically I am quite a skeptic on things unless I SEE THEM AND FEEL THEM WORK..but I am very open minded to all ideas and people and theories. I cannot accept organised religion as the ONLY answer nor know which one to decide on , The Dark Arts generally in all their forms have my interest, I love Art, Shakespeare, Keats, Shelley and much literature incl. The Greeks and have a preference for the KJV of the Bible. I have Biblical spells as well to my armour and use Angel Tarot cards.

I am a big believer in Astrology after reading the thirty page print outs of all my family when I was a teenager which was so them it was unbelievable which defies my pure scientific sensibilities. So I have never got over the realities present in full Astrological studies nor my experience with Tarot cards as a medium.

I am a member of the Universal Life Church and a Knight Malta and a Knight Templar and belong to a number of organisations that are semi religious. I hesitate at present to put links to my Facebook account and others but I may do shortly. I am, very scientific by most people`s standards. I order Scientific American and am a Member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy and The University of Oxford Society. As an Astro-physicist there has to be more than the landscape multiverse theory which leaves all explained without any mysticism or meaning at all. Like full stop. So I am searching as to what this is and what it could be in life. Most say Magic is a spiritual development journey. I have to agree.

This is the place to learn so I am here.

I will list more MAGIC interests in due course as I EDIT. I am a good poet and writer and someone of great imagination and travels with many friends.

I am a very busy person in business and sociably so I won`t be able to be on here as much as I would like.

I would consider the Christian Wiccan`s my friends ( and all good people ) ( My Dark Arts are for the wicked only ! ) ( As a Knight Malta you are vowed to protect the weak . I have taken vows to this ) I myself was just about to recommend a Bible Spell book for them I have found useful but I have not befriended anyone yet from them. Who really cares? I do. I KNOW much but I also have MUCH to LEARN.

I have kept most of my interest in the Dark Arts private but I have decided to join this website out of interest for it`s one stop approach and it`s people. When I have the time I am quite sociable online.


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