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Name: Blut
Gender: Male
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I've been around before, I was gone for a while trying to discover myself, and perhaps find a path I can walk. I know a little of this and that, but surely nothing to boast about. Right now I am beginning to study Norse Heathenism , I find it quite interesting indeed. Finally, after these three years, I may have actually found the path for me. Currently I'm studying runes and Norse mythology . I would like any information on books/sites/ect that anyone would be willing to share on these matters, especially of Runes, Loki, and Fenrir.

As of october I have been commited for about 3 years. Before then I studdied every now and then and practiced very little. More or less, I have been on and off practicing magick since I was very young, though admitedly, until I buckled down and went at it fully most of my tries were met with failure. I have studdied and practiced a variety of things, but never felt attached enough to go truly in-depth. Personally, I consider myself priveledged as I had wonderful teachers, and at the same time I feel sad I do not do them justice as a student. I've read some on Shamanism, a tiny bit on Kemeticism (probably spelled wrong), various mythologies and practices, sigils, shielding/advanced shielding, healing, a little on angels and demons, various techniques dealing with energy manipulation, servitors, and many other things. I am however no where adept at any of those things, or anything else for that matter, however I am willing to help with what little I do know, as long as you're willing to ask.

My name "Blut" means blood , I'm not really sure why I chose it. From here on I'm not really sure what to say. I'm willing to help on anything I can, so if you need anything, have any questions, or want advice, feel free to message me. Please though, if you do message me, have a subject. I do not respond well to spam mail. Thank you for reading my bio, even if it is short. Have a nice day.


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