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Name: MobileWitch
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Well, I'm here to learn and teach. I find my Path is a mix of Wicca and Shaman. My mission is to learn and achieve to the most highest level of understanding through the connection of the universe using magick. I have, what I've always called them, gifts. I am learning how to better control them, and am getting pretty good at it. My experiences have been more shamanistic in the native American point of view, including in my dreams. I have flown with butterflies and did some swimming with a bear. I will never forget the feeling of his fur as he pulled me through the water of a river. I am a peaceful person, but get irritated at those who will not accept truth. I have done much to help out this site, but without appreciation, so I'm done on that note. I will, however, continue to help people, as they are more important. Thanks for reading.

Blessed Be...

I'm adding this from a former bio.

I am on a path I call my own. I take from here and there, add some of mine, and boom, a path was created; Wiccan/Shaman/Walkin?. Goddess/God/Powers That Be is my deity, the One I give thanks to and ask from, with great respect. I found this site while searching for information on gifts/powers I've have had since I can remember. Without proper guidance, it took many years to have ability to find such info. I am seer, healer, lover of Mother Earth and all upon Her. I feel the pain of Her and those on Her. But I try to see the good side of everything, though its hard to find sometimes.

I want the human race to grow up and see what is happening before its too late. I fear the race will not mature in time to save itself, but I ask this to happen so we can be saved, and love Mother Earth, taking care of Her, so She can continue to provide for us.

OK, now I tell you that my photos are public. I like to draw, it relaxes me. Enjoy. I hope to add a more sophisticated art program in the future.

That's all I'm saying for now. Blessed Be...

Meditation exercise:

This I learned while I was doing Hatha Yoga. I find it very relaxing.

Lay on your back on the floor on mat (or whatever you have), with no pillow. Palms up, raise your head, then chin down and lay your head back down. Close eyes.

Now inhale 1,2,3,4, then exhale 1,2,3,4,5,6. Do this 3 times.

Now starting with feet, feel them relax. Do nothing else until your feet are relaxed.

Now your legs. Feel all the muscles in your legs relax. They will start to feel heavy, like sinking into the floor.

Now the hips and buttocks. Totally relax. Go no further until they are doing that sinking feeling.

Now the chest. And back. We have many muscles. Relax chest and back.

Now do your hands and arms, your breathing should be slow now.

Now the neck. This is reason for the chin down thing. It relaxes the back of the neck. Really take your time with this.

Now the head and face. As you relax the face, your jaw will open slightly. You are relaxed. Take your time.

Now in your mind, think of sounding "One, one, one" with each breath.

You are in total relaxation. Stay as long as you wish. When you are done, open eyes and get up slowly. You should feel rested, even as much as a nap gives you.



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