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Name: emilywitch
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I am sorry if I cannot get to your mail as fast as I can. I get many each day and also have school to deal with. Please know that I try my best to get to your messages. If you would like you can also contact me at
Welcome to my profle. I am Eric, The Priest of Penta Magic. I just turned eighteen during June and have been studying the art of magick since I was seven. I am now trying to learn more advanced magicks that I can learn. I have studied psi balls, aerokinesis, telekinesis, cryokinesis, and aquakinesis, and pryokineses. I am psychic which means that I can sense ghost and yes I can sometimes see the future. I also have the ability to view other auras which let me know what others are feeling. If any of you, even if not in my coven, need any help I will help you but am sorry if I cannot respond to your mails. For help you should check out the forums to even. Other people in your covens will have advice for you too. It's dark Darkness I can't find my way out No way out No escape Then I see it I feel it Can you hear it There it is Is it? Yes, it is light Here are some spells that beginners should try Wind Spell I call upon the elements of air TO call the winds to blow the air Of the skys and gods and goddesses So may it be LESSONS ________ How to control the wind with aerokinesis This technique will work without words or hand movements. It just needs the concentration of the mind and feeling. Get into a standing position outside and make sure you are calm. You can either close or open your eyes, whichever helps you visualize rather better. Imagine there is a wisk of wind blowing through the air. Then see it start to form around you. Now the wind is turning into a mini twister around you. Make sure that you dont imagine a large twister unless you are able to control what you are doing cause you might end up creating a real tornado. See it twisting and turning around you. You should feel the wind pick up and pounce against you. When you want it to stop either see the tornado slowly disappearing as the surrounding winds slow down. You can also imagine the tornado stop abruptly or immediately. Practice this two to three times a day. Soon you will barely have to think when you want the winds. 2nd Lesson _____________________________ This lesson will help those who would like to learn telekinesis First get a piece of pare and draw a large circle. Draw a diameter line going side to side and top to bottom. Now get a piece of string and tie it around something kind of like a coin. Make sure it is tight and that is dangling from the bottom. Now hold it above the piece of paper. Do this standing up with your head over the paper too. It will not work without your head positioned right. Now when you do this concentrate on it and nothing else. Do not move your hand to cheat. Pinch the sting with your thumb and pointer finger and place it above the point in the middle of your circle but not touching the paper. Now imagine your object dangling from left to right. Imagine slow movements at first. When you see that it is starting to move left to right imagine it moving faster until your object is hitting the edge of your circle every time. Now don't move your hand or change your position. If you got to this part right without cheating imagine now that the object is moving around the circle in a circular motion. The object should be moving in small circles then getting larger and larger until it is circling the circle. Now to challenge yourself turn the string in the opposite direction. Now remember you must reverse it with your mind not you hands. I hope this helps. 3rd Lesson __________________________________ To Heal Wounds This will help you either if you're healing yourself or another person. Now do whichever you like. Close your eyes or open them, whichever helps you visualize what you want to heal better. Imagine a small thin light around yourself and mainly where the pain or the wound is. Concentration is very important. Block out all other thoughts. This would be easier if you were in a quiet place. Now, say the following "Dispel the agony Let the wounds heal Banish the suffering No suffering to feel" Repeat this as many times as you need to. Each time you repeat his imagine the light getting stronger. The light should have more color and should be getting larger. Now, when you feel you are ready, let the light dissolve into the skin and that what you which needed to heal is healing. Good Luck. Practice your magick and you will get better.


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