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Name: Brendanroxme
Birthday: Jul 10 1998
Location: castle hill, new south wales australia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 07 Jan 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hey all. :-) im brendan, i love meeting new people, and ummm i can be random and weird, dont mistaken it for flirting. And i love unicorns seeing as they are the protector of women, i also am. I can help you if your ever feeling depressed, and i am not just saying it, i mean it. People look at me and are judgemental... I am actually friendly and kind, i love making people happy and making them laugh c: nd i have been to juvy, for 3 years,so dont ask please. But yeah, i am acceptant of everyone and all. But dont message me to help you do anything that will defy the laws of psycics because even within magic society it is not possible. My family have studied white and dark magic for 7 generations. But yeah heres a rough thingy of me.

Name: brendan

Age: 15

Zodiac: cancer

Sex: male

Relationship: single as a pringle c;

Sexual oreintation: straight

Friends: 1 (if you can count your real friends with both hands your lying)

Hates: The word psycho, rude people, awkwardness, heart break.

Likes: nice people, food, having fun, trains c:

Inspration: My teddy bear (dont judge me, he listens to me...)

Music: death metal, heavy metal, eminem.

Type: Im gothic

I cut, so what? I am in DOCS, so? I am without a father, proud of it! I am not perfect, but im as close as you'll ever find. C: if you wanna know more, dont ask untill i tell you :P haha so yeah.

(x) Smoked

(x) Drank so much you threw up

(x) Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back

(x) Been arrested

(x) Gone on a blind date

(x) Skipped school

(x) Seen someone die

( ) Been to Canada

( ) Been to Florida

( ) Been to Mexico

() Been on a plane

() Been lost

() Been on the opposite side of the country

( ) Gone to Washington , DC

(x) Swam in the ocean

(x) Felt like dying....

(x) Cried yourself to sleep

(x) Played cops and robbers (Legit bank rob)

( ) Recently colored with crayons

(x) paid for a meal with only coins

(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't

(x) Made prank phone calls

() Caught a snowflake on your tongue

() Danced in the rain

() Watched the sun rise with someone you care about

(x) Made a bonfire on the beach

(x) Crashed a party

() Gone Ice-skating

(x) started a mosh pit

(x) owns a hunting knife

(x) owns a semi-auto 22. Pistol

(x) ran away for more than a day

() got in a fight and lost

(x) got in a fight a won

(x) gone to court

(x) gone to jail

(x) love some one

(x) hate some one

(x) thinks someone hates you

(x) is straight

( ) is gay

( ) is lez

( ) is bi

( ) is pan

( ) Just doesnt know anymore

(x) works out

( ) has a tattoo

( ) has ever been in boot camp

() loves life

(x) wants to die but not kill them self

( ) wants to kill them self

(x) has ever cut

() likes to cut

() loves to cut

() hates to cut

( ) is a drama king/queen

() is an moral - objectivist

( ) is a moral - relativist

( ) never prays

( ) prays sometimes

() prays a lot


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