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Name: Mode
Location: Usa
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 12 Jan 2013

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This is mode from Kuwait but I'm here in USA

, I read many magic book & I try many of them

But it doesn't work with me gd,

I know there is two kinds of magic

1/ black magic .

2/ red magic .

There is many name for that books or groups but don't try it pls

(Kabbala , shams el maaref el kubra , shams el maref sugra, el booni book and many many books )

Why I choose that books to tell u it's true but doesn't work easy to us,

U must have some one teach u , because many people get hurts from that books & some of them die.

Who make this books magic??and when??

There r many storys

But the closed one is

Two angels ask the god

( can u pls give us like the human feelings??)

Coz angel don't have feelings they just follow the god orders

Then god say :

I will but do u think u will be bad like must of humans

Then the two angel say :

We swear for u to not do bad just give us wt we want

God give them human feelings and let them come from the sky to Irag

There name was

(Haroot & maroot)

They teach an old women how to do some thing to let the ghosts and Davil come and do wt they want


They ask her to swear to not teach any one later

She study from them

Then god get angry and take them to sky and put them in a big fire and they still there until now

God know that they will do that and let magic begin at that time

Later that lady in Iraq teach many people that magic until the magic be very famous ,in

Three thousand years BC Precisely at the time of the pharaohs in Egypt human was using magic in every thing ( Therapy, science, construction, etc.).

But like u know ever magic be god

Coz when u do real magic ghosts will control u and ask u bad things to make u bad person,

Coz they hate humans ,

At that time god send Mosi, peace be upon him

To let him damage that magic and stop contacting with ghosts and Davil .

Hope u get some infos

Masons do Pharaonic magic and its black magic

Some info for u guys

Davil Lucifer is the father for all ghosts in the word

He has 12 sons

Sorry for my English

I know it's bad but I think u can understand it.


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