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Name: HelenaHeliac
Birthday: Nov 4
Location: Drowning
Last Seen: Wed, 23 Jul 2014

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my exsistance is pointless so you dont have to read this, i dont have much time left. i just wish i could live my last days with you,but im obviously not that important anymore...

i dont know where to start,theres not much to say about me. if you have any questions id be glad to answer.

i dont do as many spells as i used to but i mostly work with auras,chakras,energies,and herbs.

i love music, some of my favorites are Asking Alexandria,Motionless in White,The Devil Wears Prada,Miss May I,BOTDF,I Wrestled A Bear Once,MCR,Flyleaf,H.I.M.,Disturbed,Gwen Stacy & definatly some more! some of my favorite Japanese bands are The Gazette,Sadie,Dir en Grey,Plastic Tree,Miyavi & more ^-^

if you have any suggestions id love to hear them.

i love anime and old video i grew up my babysitters were Mario,Link and Sonic. favorite color(today) is black.

i love to pet animals even though im allergic :'(

and i love to help people,im only allergic to certain people.

so,those are some things i love,lets see what i hate >:)

i hate bullies! people that like to condesend,animal abuse,inequality,when the people i care about lie to me,the absence of sarcasm,...the sun._.

so...yeah,i guess thats all for now


mood of the day: sitting in a courner finishing my will lol.

They said the nightmares meant nothing. The noises at night were her imagination. The dark figure underneath the streetlamp was a tree. The cold chills increased as she sat in the dark,listening to the light tapping on the door,calling her name. Oh how she hoped it wouldnt creep open. Each night she'd stare at the door as the quite foot steps stopped at her door again. This time it was diffrent. The door creaked open slowly. Eyes wide with fear she grasped her knife and faced the wall,denying it. It slipped into the room,stopping at her bed. It stood there...waiting...breathing. It continued like that for days. It would wait and wait, breathing down her neck only to dissapear in the mornings light. She begged for help silently, but only in the day light where it couldnt be seen. Nobody Cared. They didnt have time for Her problems. She'd get over it. Dont think about it. She's going crazy. But each night,it waited and waited,stealing her life,leaveing her in pain. One night she looked over her shoulder and stared into the eyes of the creature from her nightmares. And like wakeing up,the sun was out,the creature gone. But no,she had been awake,that was no dream. She knew she should stay silent. If nobody cared then, why would they care now? Her bones are hurting, she wakes up with scars, bleeding and crying. The monster touched her again. She cant leave in the day time, now she cant hide the scars,the bruises. She tries to hide,it always finds her. Its always there. Its always listening, watching. She begs for help, decode the words,she crying,shes scared,...shes hopeless now. Theres no point in trying to get help. She cant take it anymore. Those she loved were her last hopes. They left her alone in the final hour. The monster came back that night. He hurt her again. She running,she's crying, begging for her life. The monster courners her, getting closer and closer...standing in front of her, bloody fist raised high....this is it.

...i cant take it anymore...


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