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Name: snowywinter
Birthday: Dec 28
Location: Alone in a dark place
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 06 Dec 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I like to help people. if they need to find something specific or not then I will try and help if I can. I love to make new friends and meet new people its a fun exsperience for me. I read books and i write my own poetry.Im also into herbs and enjoy growing them alot and learning about the different ways that herbs can heal.

My Poems Below: I would appreciate that no one tries to take them, they are my work and that's how it needs to remain.


Bloody Tears of Sorrow July 14, 2011

Blood runs down my face, as i cry these tears of sorrow and death.

Never to be free to feel peace and happiness in the light; but forever to watch death and killing in the dark.

As I sit and wait for another soul passing to come, I watch sorrow from where i rest.

Soon I may cry my bloody tears of sorrow and death once again.


No title November 12,2012

With scars on her wrist; She cuts once again.

With every drop of blood that falls; Brings her so ever so closely to deaths door.

With every memory she holds so dear; Tells the story she never lived.

With every tear she cry's; the pain never subsides.

With every beat of her heart; Another piece shell fall.

With every piece that falls; Its another life he holds.

With every step she makes; The closer she is to be claimed his forever.


Why do anything at all January 20, 2013

Why take a step back? When you should take a step forward.

Why fall to your knees? When you should stand on your own two feet.

Why dream about what you want to be? When you should be what you want to be.

Why shed tears for others? When they should be shedding tears for you.

Why listen to the words others have to say? When only the words you have to say really matter.

Why be there for others? When they are never there for you.

Why wait for the ones you love? When they never wait for you.

Why walk? When you should be running.

Why stay on the ground? When you can fly high in the sky.

Why make it easy? When you can make it hard.

Why be smooth? When you can be rough.

Why let others hurt you? When you can hurt them.

Why show them peace? When you can show them war.

Why love? When you can hate.

Why dwell in the light? When the dark is so much better.

Why do anything at all?


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