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Name: Timothye
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hello im tim witch blood flows inst my veins ?? the star represents the self and air fire water earth and spirit. the left hand path i live. spirits are as important as the blood or air that sustain [self]. if a seeker be true to your self dont be pushed into anything that defys [self] take time one should wait 1 year involved in sabbats a seeker then you will have known the many blessings or gifts given by the god and goddess. there are many paths you will find that which feels right. dont fear the dark as to be whole one needs both to become whole. witch blood is when you live as a witch your not born with it. people shall proclaim things you cant do because it not true, take the time to prepare for a spell, have herbs, spirit bowl, offering bowl chalice wine or dark juice, call elements air,fire,water,earth. if widdershins its water,fire,air,earth. call elementals east slyphs, south salamandars, west udines, north gnomes. call the devas, fairies, elfs, elemental dragons n=entis, e=alion, s=coronus, w= toregone. you can call angels, guardians of the watch towers, call spirits and or power animals, devas, kings of the quarters etc. decide whom you will use and call the quarters, sence circle, go around with light then blessed water. call gods these are basic yet important steps to be successful. chant is to raise power if you put great effort you will cause change. if spell dont work ask. 1st.. was it practicle if i ask to change into a snake it wont happen. 2nd.. does the spell contain the basics if the spell is an after thought it may not work. 3rd.. if a curse you placed give it time who says it didnt work. [be shire they deserve it] i often give it to the gods to look upon it and deal with as they choose. why well no karma and every time the persons were punished in many ways well enough, if you need help just ask, id be glad to help i think all witch's should help freely and confidently ive tried every type of magick i could get my hands on. welcome seeker or brother or sister ps. always remember there are many many ways to do magick! if something dont feel right try something else a strong note here there are many gods

ask others as you shall discover names are abundant and each have many defic faces being the same deity with differant aspects.


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