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Name: Lavender924
Birthday: Apr 24 1986
Location: North Carolina
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 06 Feb 2013

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OK let us see...where to begin well I suppose I could be to begin by discribing my life a little. I am 26 years old. I have been blessed by the Goddess with 2 beautiful sons ages two and six. They're my life. The Goddess has also blessed me with a daughter not of my womb. I have been married twice, to each of my son's fathers. I am currently married to the father of my youngest boy. Being a parent and step parent is challenging but rewarding. My daugher's biological mother left her father when 3 months after their daugher was born and attempted to visit her a total of 3 times; the last time my daughter laid eyes on the woman who carried her for nine months poisoning her with antianxiety medication which was recreational not medically required or recommended and cigarettes, my daughter was 6 months old when she last saw her birth mother. My little girl just hit age 7 yesterday 12/15/12 I have been with her father for 3 years married to him for 2 years. So this woman is remarried and has a third daughter with a third poor sap. And we don't hear from her ever, to our relief in some ways.

I discovered a book store in the religious section and it seemed so natural, so part of me to pick up the book on Wicca and begin to read. of course I was 12 my mother found the book in my room and since I live in bible belt USA she freaked...told me It was satan inticing me to believe in lies. but in the short time I spent reading that book I realized...this is why church never appealed to me. Diana is why I am different I do not feel spiritual in the "house of the one true God" I feel spiritual in a cicle with like minded people. I feel Diana and another presence with me at times. The presence that almost feels like it whispers to me. This whispering voice brought to wonder what happened to Michael (the man i would come to marry) It stopped for gas and on the other side of the pump stood my future husband. I knew him when I was 3 years old my grandma gave him his very first hair cut, my mother also cut hair so naturally it being my grand mother's salon I found myself playing and watching a lot of tv there. My husband's mother got perms so he was stuck there with her.


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