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Name: TalonWind
Location: Obviously not there. XD
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 31 Aug 2015

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Heya, I'm Dallas. I'm Wiccan, and I have been for 4 years now, And I try to follow that as best I can. I'm currently very busy and I may not be on very often because of school and my research into my own type of magick. I'm medium, but probably not very strong because I can only see and talk to ghosts who haven't crossed over. I've had more than one dance with Life and I am a bit emo, although I don't cut every day, nor do I cut my wrists. I hate people who judge people based on religion, sexual orientation, looks, and personality. I tend to hide myself a lot, but I am an open person. I answer all, if not most questions I am asked and I love meeting new people. My personality tends to be on the blacker side of the spectrum though I can be happy. I can read Tarot and I can somewhat read palms, and I love being alone. My hair is naturally curly, but I like it straight, so I straighten it often :) Also, If I don't respond to your mail you can email me,

A poem I writ..:

I lay across the edge, jaw to the ground.

After all my time, all I hear is silence in sound.

During those months of bliss, our life was calling,

and I just kept falling.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

holding my own, my soul to keep.

No one can save me, here at the edge,

looking down I plummet, Leaping from the ledge.

I see no love, no life.

I tell my self no, staring at my knife.

I break apart, each tear falling like rain.

I feel my heart pounding, searing with pain.

Then through all the suffering, up to the end,

I now see this is my time to mend.

My heart may be in pieces, but that?s to be seen

The one I?m looking for, the one that will clean..

Clean the blood off my blade and the tears off my cheeks.

And though my life may still be in tatters,

She?ll come to tell me none of it matters.

I?ll find that one, the one who?s my own

And you?ll be the one who's left all alone.

I?ll always love you, know this please,

But this time I know that I will not seize.

You left me behind, like a pile of ash..

Now your alone, and I?m not the last.

One game not for the faint of heart. The Midnight Game.

Scary stuff right there.. Unless HE is in a good mood...

Root: open (10%)

Sacral: open (40%)

Navel: open (31%)

Heart: open (25%)

Throat: open (50%)

Third Eye: open (44%)

Crown: open (32%)


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