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Name: ForeverHere1
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Ichthus Dominus

You wanna know what I believe?

All faiths are just pieces to a puzzle.

Christians got the holy trinity right,

God is an Eternal Creator

the Son is a Creation, and the holy spirit is the universe.

Buddhists Got the Life force right, everything is apart of it, reincarnating itself, and enlightenment.

Taoists got the carved block, meaning we have to create our higher selves, and our future.

Time is simply the Past presented the Present, and the Present creates the future.

Science, regarding quantum foam theory, and the quantum foam is space, or God, however you view it.

And Evolution, I believe we are different from monkeys, and we can control our own evolution. meaning we can to take control, and evolve ourselves.

thus changing from Homo Sapiens to Homo Evolutis.

Karmic Effect from the Hinduism beliefs

And off course Occult, Pagan, and Wicca.

Who created who, is the question.

After studying hard on different faiths, I came to an important realization.

God is just smarter is all. and it's all intelligent design.

I believe all Gods exist somewhere for someone.

and yes, I can cast magic.

If you don't believe me, that's up to you, you determine what you believe.

and whatever you believe is what happens to you when you die.

I believe that.

I also believe I'll ascend one day, and be a God that day.

For being a God, in my opinion, is the ultimate destiny to life.

anyways, if you wanted to know what path I'm taking, its my own.

this is it.

And I also believe everyone is right in their own way.

What is the purpose of life? well I believe everyone has their own little universe, and reproduction, or creation, creates more universes,

but simply Living life, is the purpose of life.

I could explain things, but you determine what you believe, and I'm not going to cram my beliefs on you, saying I'm right, and your wrong.

because you are right. for yourself, anyway.

I also believe the ticket to eternal life is simply believing you have it.

And what you do with your eternal life is entirely up to you, because all beings have free will, even Gods.

And willpower is a strong enough power to kill, if used ill.

Gods and Goddesses, hear my plea.

May the person reading this feel my power and know me.

If I said The definition of the Greek and Latin words above was who I was, would you believe me?


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