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Name: thunderblood
Location: Somewhere in Colorado :P
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 05 Jan 2014

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Hey , my name is Raven , i am such a whore :) No but really this is her X , i hacked her profile cause i can , and i hope that you want to fuck her cuz shes a whore xD

Yesterday i called her and told her to go choke on glass , she hung up , and when i walk to her house , she was alone ;) I went in her house without permission and when i walked in her room , she was curled up in a ball in the far corner of her bed crying ... and another guy was there trying to comfort her . She looked up as i walked in the room , and i saw her face , silver tears were running down her fragile face , her eyes burning with intensity from crying so much . Her hair , out of its usual neat style among her shoulders . Her hair like a waterfall on her back . When she looked up , she quuickly reached for the guy , but the guy got up , she clutched a pillow , and stuck her face in it . sobbing silently ...

"What are YOU doing here ? " he asked

"Ohhh i just came to see what she was doing , you know " i responded with a smile

Raven jumped off the bed with the pillow , and stood there ready for anything .

"ha a pillow is that all you got ? " I mocked

She smiled secretly , and murmured something .

The gigantic ass german shepard ,the had apparently been sneaking up behind me , lept and bit into my leg

i fell on my ass , and the other guy fell on his ass laughing

Raven told the dog to go away , and it did .

The boy said in the middle of his laughing , "pussy"

I got up , and Slapped Raven as hard as i could , it cut her cheek and blood started running down her cheek.

she walked over to the boy and held him down , so he wouldnt try to kill me . she whispered something in his ear and he relaxed .

she looked up at me and then walked over to me , she hugged me , said goodbye and Roundhouse kicked me in the face , I woke up on the street infront of my house .

My first thought was , wow , she can handle myself better than i thought , that bitch ...

So yeh thats my story , and now im starting more shit by hacking her profile as a tiny bit of revenge :)


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