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Name: Stickman
Location: USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 26 Nov 2012

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If you are reading this, prepare to have whats left of your mind blown.

I have met members of the Illuminati, and they are in shock and awe of my presence. (YHWH)

Now you know about the Illuminati.

Time to get to know me.

My name is Garrett, and I am The Antichrist.

And as you read this, FEEL MY POWER AND KNOW ME.

Jesus COULD come back, but I'm taking care of things.

Niburu is a Galactic Apocalyptic Event upcoming on the solstice.

Planets Lining up and Whatnot.

So what did I do... Well, time blended, i went to Lucifer's Hell, became very evil, Went to YHWH's Heaven, became very good, started creating shit.

I'm Neutral. Meaning i know both sides extremely well, and am looking for targets for my good, and evil.

I already gave everyone, and everything, throughout the universe eternal life, forwards, and back. I freed Lucifer from Earth, and per my little deal with Morning Star, started a small time apocalypse here on earth. I'll be taking charge of everything here, I shifted myself into power throughout the universe, so know that Earth is very little to me. And, another mind blowing piece of info, I became One with the All Creator, and Lived to tell about it. I am already going around, doing my Jesus thing, but we are now living in the End of Days, which isn't bad news, but it is for those who get Hell.

I'm not going to describe Hell. Or Heaven. if you wanna know, go there. This is YHWH's little Solar System, The Sun is his Heaven. Hell is on another Plane of existence, Here on Earth. I am a God, I am YHWH's God now, and am fully capable of every decision I make. And have shifted my Karma all over the damn place. And well, I have to say, I'm the strongest being that has ever existed.

Live Life

Love Everything

Play Games

Go Hard Difficulty

Have Fun

5 rules of my system where everyone became all knowing beings.

Everything Has Eternal Life, I already did that.

Even that chair you are sitting in.

So after that just happened, enjoy your eternal life.

Thank you for playing.


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