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Name: nithinboy
Location: Kerala,India
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 03 Feb 2012

Membership: Contributor

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A C C O U T G A G G E D current account : .................................................. HELLO AND WELCOME .................................................... I go by the name Nithin and i come from Kerala(The gods own country),a place in India. Im an 18 year old boy with a pagan mind!!.. i have been practising for four years now . Ive been on this site for about 2 years so yeah i know my way around. FACTS ABOUT ME!! :P I am a pagan(oh yeah i told that already ! sorry :)). I follow a combination of Gardenerian and Alexandrian Wicca I follow the path of the druid. I crave for knowledge. I am bonded with nature.(Hence i am highly successful in weather magick). I have a highly developed Intution. I am a Nocturnal witch. I am a bookworm!!.LOL I am a great fan of mediaeval Baebes as well as Linkin park!! I draw,paint,calligraph,photomanipulate,oil paint etc I love Ireland and the Celtic culture. Okay that covrerd,Its easier to go on..As i said i am bonded with nature and feel it in me.Nature and its beauty is what makes me goes on.I know the language of the nature.Even the slightest of breeze arouses in me my spiritual thoughts.i am highly spiritual. i want to share how it feels but my language skills which have been developed for only five senses are inappropriate for it. I am greatly influenced by Druidry and Celtic culture..Its my great aim to go to ireland and research on this ancient culture.. Areas of expertise!! *Druidry *Weather magick *Spirit magick(evocations/conjurations). *Dream analysis. *Hinduism. *Theosophy. *Anything related to celtic culture *Indian culture. *Spellcraft. *Meditation/Astral travel etc.. Currently studying *Qabbalah *Hemetic order of the Golden Dawn-Practices *Divination *Herbal Lore *Scottish And Icelandic magick My personal Dieties *Aradia *Cernunnos *Isis So i guess this is all about me..If you find me of interest ,please feel free to drop in a mail..I always love making new friends.. And yes i am quite Adept in my areas of expertise,so if you need help,please dont hesitate to ask.. "When you see my power fade And the leaves fall from the trees When snow obliterates like death All trace of me upon the Earth Then look for me in the Moon And there in the heavens you will see the soul of me Soaring still amongst the stars" Blessed be all ~~Nithin~~


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