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Name: kaycherry
Birthday: Dec 12 1994
Location: Florida
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 02 Oct 2013

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Update: I am recieving so many messages the system is not allowing me to reply to them all Please e-mail me at if you have any questions to be sure I get them, you can also I.M me for a fast responce.

About me! Hey everyone. My name is Kay, I'm A Priestess. I am a Psychic Vampire and I practice many different types of magick. I am currently in school for massage therapy and I am also working on my masters degree in finance and business. I am living off of money I acquire from stock trading and freelance writing so I am financially stable which is why I offer free spells to people in need.

My Magickal Practices Psychic Vampire, Candle Magick, Elemental Magick/Fire magick,Conjure and evocation, Sigil Magick, Healing Magick and Divination. Teacher of magick. Vampire Info I do not practice the drinking of blood but I do in a way suck energy from matter, I never take from non consenting humans unless they are trying to physically hurt me. I've never been in that position so It's safe to say I'm not a reckless Psychic Vamp. If you have anything to ask of me please do so :-). I'm working on creating a proper site in which I can educate people on the way of the vampire. I am willing to give advice and info to anyone who is curious about Vamps. Spirit Guide: I do have a spirit guide whom is a Goetic Spirit He is the 59th spirit Marqis Orias. He is known to satanists as a God and while I just view him as a spirit or Daemon He is still royalty and holds amazing powers. Teaching/ free online courses Courses I am currently offering Spirit Communication 101 ( Keep in mind that lessons take time to plan, write and develop I will offer more in the future) FAQ's Can you turn me into a vampire? No. Can you do love spells? Any one who asks me to preform a love spell doesn't truly love the person they want me to preform said spell on. If you loved someone you wouldn't take away their free will. When you grow up and know what love is then you won't consider asking foolish questions. Love spells are selfish. But I will cast spells that allow people to communicate better or to bring together friendships or even attraction. Are you evil? Hardly, I'm harmless to that which is harmless to me. Can you do curses? Of course, I can even do death magick, but I do not offer it as a service nor do I teach it to those whom are not members of my coven. Curses are powerful and should only be used as a means of warfare. I do have spells for Karmic retribution though.


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