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Name: emobaby21
Birthday: May 21 1998
Location: my dark wounderland of death
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 11 Nov 2013

Membership: Member

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Hi im desi but they call me death and Misao i like to talk

Im happily married so no flirting

I dont lie

i enjoy fear since i have none

i do black magick

i am a goddess of all things good and everything EVIL

I get bullied alot and dont like it so PLZ NO HATE MAIL

im a freak i enjoy the way razor blades feel sliding down my arm to feel the warmths of the blood drip out.....

i play guitar and i have my own bandim the lead singer we are a screamo band you may of heard of us probaly not...

Im am so far the youngest person ever to be sent to college i got sent to college in 5th grade and im studying forinsic 15 now

I have been doing magic for as long as i can remember I love helping people if they need help im offerd to be a teacher to anyone who needs it the most

im fun to talk to

im a Emo/goth girl

i go through tuff times

i like emo boys

I dont like fake people

Poem of my own

Just when you think your loved you get broken

you find someone you like and you date

right when you say your the one

the other says its over

never to love then to be lost

their lies linger through your veins your scared to love again

knowing your broken inside

you relize

who cares wat they say to hurt you

i am a falling angle

written by me myself

Age to me is just a number

If you want to know more ;) message me

idk what else to realy say but im weird and random and love comments

1 more thing im sweet and twisted does that make me a candy cane ???

the best things in life come with a price the star that burned so bright faded the fastest youll always feel its rise even when they the end the fights welcome home home tonight

singinging home home welcome home tonight home tonight words they dont know how to reconvence and all they do is push you to the edge but its not wasted its all done for you. is done for you its all for you its done for you YOU

1 day at a time 1 day at time

a days a numbers in a world of fools

we feal the hunger and follows no ones rule

everybody wants eternal life nobody can seem to get it right

a day is a number and your no fool nobodies fooled...


My heart is full of suicide,

I don't laugh, only cry,

It fills my tears like cyanamide. -myself

Killed my heart

I don't lie

Stuck the needle in my eye

Hoped I bleed

Hoped I die

Should have drank the cyanamide


I'm dying inside

Places unknown

My journey untold

Never to be found

Laying here?

Blood in my hair

Dead in the woods

People find me

More come to see

They ask " who is this girl "

This is a girl who was abused, hurt and broken

That's what I want to say

But sadly I'm dead

No more words

No more breaths

No more tears?

No more screams?

I'm gone

...... Forever

who would care if i died

ive been punished for the tears ive cried

burning with hate on the inside

flames of torture seem to rise

i called for help but it came to late

and now my soul is consumed by hate

evil is my known fate

growing dark at a speedy rate

but who would care if i died

ive been punished for the tears ive cried

good and evil side to side

live life in your little lie

but torture will come to those who wish to cry

95% of the girls in the world would be freaking out if Edward Colin was about to jump off of a building.... Post this on your page if you would be the other 5% screaming "Do the flip you sparkley retard!"

90% of the girls in the world would be crying if 1 Direction committed suicide... Post this on your page if you would be the 10% dancing on there graves.

85% of the girls in the world would die if Justin Beiber said breathing wasn't cool... Post this on your page if you would be the other 15% laughing.


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