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Name: Wiccam
Birthday: Jan 26 1997
Location: Hell
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 01 Jun 2016

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Open the gates of hell, Let my brothers and sisters come to me and show the world what real pain is. Let them walk on earth like the humans and take their souls one by one. Let them see what the power of our father Lucifer can do. We are the hell siblings so come to me my brothers and sisters let?s start a riot against the stupid humanity show them who rules over them and who that have the power. Let?s show them that our father is the powerful Lucifer and let us collect what the humanity owns us. Let the hellhounds free let them get fresh souls like they love them let the demons wake up and collect what our father Lucifer want. Tell them that our father is the one the abounded son of good the fallen angel the prince of hell the hells angel and put the sigil of Lucifer where everyone can see it and let them price it whit gifts and prayers I?m loyal to hell curs I?m the son of Lucifer

if anyone can help me whit mental help on plants like smell or somthing that can help on a mental saddnes or things like that then write to me i will learn more about sceant terepy and things like that

Hey my name is mark and im 17 yard old I'm from Denmark and im what I will call a Wicca-satanist and is is vary interested in the spiritual and occult :) I want to meet new people like me. I like heavy metal death metal and visual Kai music like black veil brides and things like that. If you like to talk you can be my friend ind here or just send af mail

My work in hell is lucifers soul keeper the soul he's soul hunters is hunting is send to me


My spirit animal is a Crow i love hem and if i see them i can go directly over to them whiout they fly away they talking to me and help me in the Night when im lost they are my friends

And im vary acknowledg whit sword and knives I'm studieng on it and practise on fighting whit it

Things I want to learn/get good at:





And how to manipulate Whit things and people


Things I am studying:


Religion all of them so if you Will tell me about You religion just mail




Human body

The human mind

Souls of human and other living things


What is freedom? You ask, now I will tell you. Freedom is an illusion in the human brain where they think they can do what they will whiteout anyone telling them what to do. But it isn?t right, that?s just an illusion made of the government so we don?t see the fails they do and the real pain we are given. We are an experiment the earth is the laboratory and the government is the scientists they are testing our life and we don't know what's going on. All the USA presidents are sharing same bloodline on different ways and in the end are we all going to die some place somehow and someday. But bag to the real question, what is the real freedom? The real freedom is the day we all fell free and we all are safe, the day the war is ending and the day we raise up and haunt all the evilness out of the world. when that day come no one can ever hurt us again. //mark.H.Thomsen


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