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Name: Vigilent
Birthday: Mar 6 1996
Location: Lost..
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 03 Dec 2012

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I am in a relationship.




I like to walk at night to let stress and questions ease through my mind i love magick, wolves, and gardening.

I also love atreu, blink 182, escape the fate, avenged 7 fold & I am a Juggalette (Whoop Whoop!)

I'm very curious in Wicca.

If anyone can help me in the study of Wicca mail me



I am a lycan, yes I am human but I have a lycan spirit, I learned that not all of you will believe me, so dont come up with messages saying that it's not true,because I cant force you to believe in something that you don't want to believe, I can help you with some questions, Although, I cant answer to all though. And if they are ridiculous i wont answer them at all.*-(This Includes Moderators To.)-*

And please call my sica or thorn i am of the pack Interfectores Luna.


I am a Transcendentalist which is known a philosophical and literary movement that emphasizes living a simple life and celebrating the truth found in nature and in personal emotion and imagination.

Transcendentalists admire spiritual well being, achieved through intellectual activity and a close relationship with to nature, they reject the commercial & financial side of American life.


I have mastered the element fire it is my main element for it is the element i know the most about i have also mastered:

water, lightning, air, darkness, and spirit. I am learning metal.

I also am a healer i know vampiric healing, a little Wicca healing (Still working on it), and Lycan healing.


I also know how to;


-Control Change of Others

Like being able to control the change in me, i can with this ability have the power to aid and help others in controlling their inner beast. I can calm and prevent a change or I can even force an unwilling change on the victims I Choose. An extreme version of this is where i wrap a metaphysical hand around the inner beast of my victim and yank it out of them, causing my victim to literally explode out of their human shell and shift instantly all at once. It is an even more painful process than regular spirit burst. Although must be very lesser or equal to me to be force-shifted ? those higher in power will be unaffected. As a note, in different species this causes a severe decrease in the attacks effectiveness.


-Spirit call


It is the ability to communicate with and call forth the ancestral lycan spirits. This power is highly dangerous. Temporary possession by the spirit remains a possibility, powers known to that dead spirit, such as healing, become available me the one who called the spirit while the dead spirit rides with in me, in my mind.


-Feed the Pack


While the ability itself is not that devastating, it is the symbol of having the power which makes me seem much more important i think ? much like a crown has little practical purpose, but instantly signifies a king/ queen. With this ability, by sharing actual blood with others, i can temporarily share his my innate power level with all those who drink my blood. It has an almost narcotic effect outwardly, bringing great euphoria to the one who drinks it. It does not increase the raw power or strength of the person drinking it any more than taking cocaine would make a human stronger, but the imbuing of good feeling would give heart to even the most mentally-defeated person, possibly allowing them to fight longer and harder even after they would have dropped previously. ^-^ (These i cannot teach you.)


Favorite Quotes:


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

~Henry David Thoreau


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