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Name: Anei
Location: Lancaster City, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 04 Oct 2015

Membership: Contributor

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Personal Bio
[i]-_-_If you read all of this, you'll know me pretty well_-_-[/i]

I can be hard to get to know at times, but it's usually worth it. I have a need to protect people I care about quite a bit, to the point that they yell at me sometimes. My close friends are my family and because of this I now have over 14 siblings. I try to take the world as it comes, but plan ahead if something feels out of place. I've been known to hear and see things, but if you want to know about that message me. I get random mood-swings that can usually only be corrected by Turkey Hill Iced-Tea, Coke with 6 or more resturant sugar-packets in it, or by the people who know me well enough to knock me down to normal. I'm often mistaken for bipolar. I have one favorite color, black, but I also have pairs of colors that I love to have together, such as black and red, black and blue, and white and blue.

I can't live without music. Depending on my mood I'll listen to certain genres. For example, if I'm on a happier mood I may listen to soft rock or techno. If I'm hyper I tend to listen to music in other languages that have a good dance beat or sound really high-pitched, like the Caramelldansen. Usually I'm more into hard rock, metal, gothic rock and such in my normal mood. I myself used to play clarinet, piano/keyboard, gutiar, and still sing.

I might not be in an extremely good condition phsyically, but I kick epic butt at tenis, badmitton, table-tennis, and volleyball. As far as tennis and badmitton go, I prefer 2-on-1 matches where I'm the 1. Even with my asthma it puts me at an advantage because I actually have room to move where they are cramped trying not to hit each other. 1-on-1 is also good, and I can still kick butt if I manage to stay focused. 1-on-3 is a bit harder, but I can usually pull it off. I've only lost to one team this year.

Congrats to them.

Unfortunately for most of the people I'm close to, I tend to mother them a lot. I hate for my friends to be hurt, alone, bothered, sad, etc..I try to help them, but I don't know when to stop taking on the burden of others, sadly. I look forward to the end of the day, and I hate being alone.

I am a very......interesting person, so they say.

[u]Mood: [b][i]Tired[/i][/b]

Listening To: [b][i]Via Dolorosa - Abingdon Boys School[/i][/b]

Last Profile Update: [b][i]Wednesday, January 20, 2010[/i][/b]


[b]Name:[/b] Tara Taglieri

[b]Birthday:[/b] August 2nd, 1994

[b]Birthplace:[/b] Lancaster, PA

[b]Current Location:[/b] Lancaster, PA

[b]Eye Color:[/b] Changes from brown to green.

[b]Hair Color:[/b] Depending on location can be black, dark brown, brown, red, or light brown. It's weird. o_o

[b]Height:[/b] 5'6" if I remember right..

[b]Right Handed or Left Handed:[/b] Right

[b]Your Heritage:[/b] Meh, Italian and German.

[b]The Shoes You Wore Today:[/b] Blue and white.

[b]Your Weakness:[/b] A lot...

[b]Your Fears:[/b] Small spiders, other things....

[b]Your Perfect Pizza:[/b] Umm...sausage I guess.

[b]Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:[/b] Quite a bit.

[b]Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:[/b] XDD Omg.

[b]Thoughts First Waking Up:[/b]..-Thehell am I waking up this early for!?

[b]Your Best Physical Feature:[/b] Not my place to say.

[b]Your Bedtime:[/b] Whenever I fall asleep

[b]Your Most Missed Memory:[/b]....Alex I guess.

[b]Pepsi or Coke:[/b] I like both.

[b]McDonalds or Burger King:[/b] McDonalds when I'm at school, BK at home.

[b]Single or Group Dates:[/b] No idea. Group probably.

[b]Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:[/b] I like tea in general.

[b]Chocolate or Vanilla:[/b] Both

[b]Cappuccino or Coffee:[/b] Don't drink coffee or Cappuccino.

[b]Do you Smoke:[/b] No, the smell bothers me.

[b]Do you Swear:[/b] At times.

[b]Do you Sing:[/b] When I'm alone usually.

[b]Do you Shower Daily:[/b] Yep.

[b]Have you Been in Love:[/b] Uhuh.

[b]Do you want to go to College:[/b] Yes.

[b]Do you want to get Married:[/b] Probably.

[b]Do you belive in yourself:[/b] I guess so..

[b]Do you get Motion Sickness:[/b] Nope.

[b]Do you think you are Attractive:[/b] Nope.

[b]Are you a Health Freak:[/b] Not about myself, but I tell other people to be.

[b]Do you get along with your Parents:[/b]...My mom, I do.

[b]Do you like Thunderstorms:[/b] Yes.

[b]Do you play an Instrument:[/b] Piano, Clarinet, Guitar

[b]In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:[/b] Nope.

[b]In the past month have you Smoked:[/b] Nope.

[b]In the past month have you been on Drugs:[/b] Nope.

[b]In the past month have you gone on a Date:[/b] Nope.

[b]In the past month have you gone to a Mall:[/b] Yep.

[b]In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:[/b] Nope.

[b]In the past month have you eaten Sushi:[/b] Nope.

[b]In the past month have you been on Stage:[/b] Not since 4th grade.

[b]In the past month have you been Dumped:[/b]...Kind of...

[b]In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:[/b]...No.

[b]In the past month have you Stolen Anything:[/b] Nope.

[b]Ever been Drunk:[/b] Nope.

[b]Ever been called a Tease:[/b] Hell no.

[b]Ever been Beaten up:[/b] Nope.

[b]Ever Shoplifted:[/b] Nope.

[b]How do you want to Die:[/b] Haven't thought about it.

[b]What do you want to be when you Grow Up:[/b] Programmer I guess...

[b]What country would you most like to Visit:[/b] A lot of them.

[i]In a Boy/Girl..[/i]

[b]Favourite Eye Color:[/b] Doesn't matter.

[b]Favourite Hair Color:[/b] Doesn't matter.

[b]Short or Long Hair:[/b] Doesn't matter.

[b]Height:[/b] Not shorter than me.

[b]Weight:[/b] Doesn't matter.

[b]Best Clothing Style:[/b] Doesn't matter.

[b]Number of Drugs I have taken:[/b] No idea.

[b]Number of CDs I own:[/b] Probably 20ish.

[b]Number of Piercings:[/b] Just me ears.

[b]Number of Tattoos:[/b] None, but theres one I want.

[b]Number of things in my Past I Regret:[/b] Quite a lot..


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