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Name: PlanetX
Birthday: Oct 1 1998
Location: Ohio
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 07 Sep 2016

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Personal Bio
Update: I am gone, now at SpookyMulder because my account is at its limit or something. Thanks for your time.

Update: I am looking for someone with experience with LSD or DMT

Update: I am on a mission. No other information will be necessary, if you think I can help you with something, message me.

My practices (1):

I study quantum physics, mathematics, religious debate, history, and some sorts of English and Hispanic tradition in the physical. In the magick sense, I practice astral projection, energy manipulation, manifestation, lucidity, draconian practices, spiritual guidance, and meditation.

My life at home:

I am an average sir as far as anyone I know around me is concerned. Of course, I have roots in magick and practice whatever I feel called to at the time. I know quite a bit about most arts. I once practiced omnitheism (not exactly a real thing). I have experience with spell work but I would recommend using manifestation as it is much more efficient.

My abilities (1):

I wouldn't consider myself powerful or not, I really have no ability to use whenever I like. Which brings me to a point I'd like to make to everyone, if you are to practice an art...practice the hell out of it wherever you are, not reliant on a certain state or being. This will insure that in the future unpredictability will not be able to hinder your abilities.

My history with this site:

I've been on this site for several years. I have taught, been taught, and conversed with many of you. All of you have talent in one respect. Do not be fooled, you are not made randomly. Watch how you are programmed and how you program yourself. A Spartan does not train to be a warrior and become a tailor later on.

My beliefs (1):

I know it doesn't make sense but I believe in a lot. I believe in a God. The logic problems arise when you take into account what I practice. However, my beliefs allow my practices to exist with a God, I just twist the rules a bit when following any instruction I am supposed to take. (example: Christian God and witchcraft. You are not supposed to follow both but if you look at witchcraft not as a dark art, but as a holy practice you could make the two work together instead of apart...pre-taught religion makes the magick world harder to work in, but several people do it.)

I do not necessarily believe in a set God with a name. I believe in a creative God who is omnipotent. That is that. I also believe in several spiritual dimensions. These "dimensions" are not exactly physical, and do not have the properties we like to think of as "real life". I think we can and do experience these "places" a lot and without realizing it. Yes, I do believe that we are programmed to live outside of these realms because of our physical body. (therefore believing we can revert back to being able to live in both)

My Abilities (2):

I can manipulate my mind as well as many others, sometimes ending up with reality flips (haha). I end up looking like a maniac when I'm on to something because any advancements I can make in the spiritual field of consciousness and reality is groundbreaking. I can and have astral projected in the past, and experienced several states of being. I can bring a few things to myself as of today but I'm at beginner stages of self control. I am very emphatic and hope many of you are too. I am able to manifest pretty much whatever I need and you can too. I am a lot more out of it though thanks to my practices. I see things in a much different perspective and learn in a much more cluster way as opposed to linear. I am fading out more and more everyday, and that is my accomplishment. Ofc lucidity is easy. Manipulating my environment here in the physical is probably my furthest field. I now am reverting to the opposite. This is all I am.

My Practices (2):

Now with that above being said. That is what I practice. Living in the physical while simultaneously being in the spirit. Practicing every right and write rite I have as being spirit and physical. Perfecting my abilities of thought and consciousness while I can. I know not entirely what exists when my heart stops beating but I know for certain it isn't nothingness. I search and venture to understand the concept of infinite and timelessness because it seems that is a piece of the puzzle that our minds cannot comprehend without much practice. I have studied a lot from this site Indeed, this is where I end it. If you read this, and have any concerns, questions, interests, ideas, or stray thoughts you finna throw my way, please do.

Ya know I always get involved with something Earthly in the day time but every night around 12-3 I get this sense of something there. It always reminds me of the ever expanding unknown. What if there are 40 billion other planes of existence with different laws of physics and forms of consciousness unknown and uncomprehensable to us. I'm sure you've had the same...i just wish I could take the first step to exploring it. That's my life goal I presume. To find the first step. Have any clues? Let me know.

Throughout this bio, I have been very serious and non-chill to say the least. That is very off the mark of how I am tho ha. Blessed be.


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