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Name: Lady_Zeb
Location: Centered
Last Seen: Tue, 10 Jun 2014

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Hey! I am Zeb, you will get to know me as we go along. I'm also known as Silky, High Priestess of the coven Council of Knowledge. Feel free to address me on either account regarding questions about my coven.

I'm on a crooked path. I'm a hereditary, traditional witch. I'm a hedgewitch, musician, crafter, therapist, mother, fighter, and lover. I'm a highly creative woman. I have the cunning fire burning in my head, heart and soul!

My Goddess is the beautiful Bastet. I'm probably some kind of Pantheist.

"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the whole wide world, but there are always going to be people who dislike peaches!" ~ offa facebook

The beginning is the only place to be. Manners maketh Man. / Observe this in the chatter: "A group is defined by who it excludes". xD

My main strengths are in channelling, and spiritual counselling. I am active in my local community. I am interested in consciousness raising.

If you have enemies, it means that you stood up for something! Good on you! :P

The Zebra is the master of illusion.

I'm a member of Amnesty International.

I invite you to join my FB page which is listed as my 'website' next to my pic :)


Only drowning men can see me.


Music for the Witches ~ and


For absolute beginners:


"Zebras are master magicians, who utilise the energy of light and dark to shift realities and expand our consciousness, helping us see past our preconceived beliefs as they lead us into the mystery and magic of the unseen. Zebras seek balance in what they do, and they are sure of themselves, standing confidently in the middle of opposing forces." (


**To begin meditating, sit or lie on a comfy position. Take notice of your breathing. That's all, just take notice. No need to try to change it, let it happen as it happens... If you lose focus, then refocus! Everything else will follow :)


Read, think, meditate, experiment. Question everything.

For more on meditation:


Member of the Patha Watha Sisterhood

Be Excellent!


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