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Name: ShadowMoon14
Birthday: Sep 3
Location: Australia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 26 Jan 2014

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Gagged - New Main = Zt.

Find me there!



My Realm is Az'arah and the only way to it is through a picture from a book foundin the Librarium. Which book? i guess you'll just have to find out yourself.My Realm is not yet complete, but will be soon (i will remove this notice once it is complete).

I am creating a Realm on the Astral Plain; once i have created this realm i am going to want an army to maintain it. Once i start up this army, the first 2 will be top ranked. If any have an army of yourself I would be more then happy to form an alliance.

Looking for people who want to join an army on AP. i need allies and soldiers, so if you would like to applie, message me. our army will not be offensive (with exceptions) but neutral to many wars not involving my family (Terkoiz Family). This is my decision so i do not what any criticism.

Thank you,




On my bio: i will include About me, Studied, Studying, Basics, Links, and Love Spell. if you need help with anything feel free to ask i will help with what i can and i am willing to share my knowledge.


About Me: i dont have very much to write about myself so here's just some info. As most of you won't know, I am an indigo child.

Name: Zavarac Terkoiz

Sign: Virgo

Element: Earth

Likes: Dragons, Wolves.

Dislikes: -----

Age: 13 (456 spiritualy)

Relationship: Straight and single


We Are Pack



There are no limits when you look ahead in life... Only the limitations you place on yourself...

Whatever it is that ?you reach for in life... Always believe you'll achieve it...

Don't be afraid to spread your wings... You can then fly true to yourself...

Always remember... after the storm has passed... The sun will always shine brightly again...

Take time to have a good look at yourself... Then really love what you see...

It doesn't matter where you are... or how you are feeling... The Universe will always provide you with support...

Studied: I have studied various things in my time with witchcraft, even before i started witchcraft i was being taught crystals. I have studied crystals for 3 years but still do not know alot about them. I have been showed how to communicate with tree's by my grandma, who does Crystal healing. this is a list of the things i have studied over the year i have been on this site, and what my grandma has taught me.

  • Crystals
  • Healing
  • Visulization
  • Meditation
  • Energy
  • Sigils
  • dragons

Studying: I am currently exploring and learning with astral travel and am enjoying it more then i thought. it was easier then i thought also, just some basic visulization, i prefer to have a friend with me while i do it so we can explore together and know what is actualy astral and whats not. I would not be able to help teach with this as i am still learning it myself, credit to Mischief for helping me become astral for the first time.

I am currently learning herbs, advanced energy, spirits/guardians and astral travel to be able to comeplete a project i am going to start shortly. this project is like a spirit defense, credit to Mischief again for this idea. it will be used to defend a area in my town that me and my friends will be able to do magick without interrerance.

* represents my present focus

  • Herbs
  • Aromatherapy*
  • Advanced energy
  • Spirits/Guardians
  • Astral Travel


  • Necromancy/Spirits
  • Astral Travel
  • Crystal magick
  • Dragon magick
  • Energy
  • Sigils
  • Herbs

Dark Ones

Dark Ones is my online coven for Black magick and Dragon magick on facebook. it currently has 15 members and are hoping to gain more soon.

if you want to join dark ones mail for details and/or add me on facebook.

Quotes: Here i have supplied of my favourite quotes.

~ I do not suffer from my insanity, i enjoy every minute of it ~

~ You may have won the battle, but i have won the war ~

Basics: For those of you who are new to magick, i recomend you research and practice these. They are needed to be practiced and mastered (not nessicarily complete) to perform most spells and rituals. so i have made a list of them here.

  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Grounding
  • Centring
  • Shielding
  • Correspondences (Such as Candle colours and their meanings, planetary days and moon phases etc.)


Links For Beginners:



Astral projection


Love Spells

First of all love spells do not work in such ways as to bring love, they create confidence. when you use a love spell you believe he/she will like you more which will give you more confidence for you.

~ Love may only ever be natural, if not it is not love ~

Love spell:

ok for this love spell you must have mastered the basics of visulization and energy manipulation. Firstly visulize a flow or line of energy the color that means love for you (for some it is different). then see yourself in love with her and vice versa. But to be able to do this you must believe it will work, you must use your love for her to power this, and use it to comand this. Do this as many times as you think necessary or until you believe it has worked.



If you're considering suicide or cutting or other ways of self harm , think for another minute. What about everybody who cares about you, do you really want to hurt them? You have a future, you could help somebody in the world, you have potential. Everybody does. By the way, you can always message me if you need somebody to talk to.


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