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Name: 0Reaper0
Location: Berlin, Germany
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Oct 2012


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I am, gay, and while I am aware of certain biases people have I have come to accept them, and ask you be honest with me as I have been with you. I am German, my family came from Berlin though I am currently residing between London and New York, wherever business takes me.

I have been interested in magic since I was 12 which at the time I believed casting fireballs was my potential goal. By 13 I had cleared all such misconceptions and began legitimate research, practice, and study in various areas.

I am an avid learner, I believe we can never achieve expertise in even an area to which we have dedicated our lives, because we never stop learning.

I am not accustomed to teaching, and as such may be a bit of an improve for the first few areas of lectures, if indeed I find the chance to teach them.

I love chess, I study warfare as a personal passion, along with several other areas I study history, and specifically magic's history in relation to culture. Magic topics that I find I have a clearer hand in, and a stronger desire to further study include: tantric, hypnotics, manipulation, summoning (minor workings), alchemy, poppetry, elementalism (small degree), High magic, Tribal magic (few key things, not quite as much basic knowledge as i would like), astral projection leading to advanced workings and branching into well..... personally I am working with the very fiber of the soul. You see one of my strongest studies is of my own making, testing the endurance of the soul, spiritual bonds, and general implementation of trial and error theories. Almost as if an engineer of magic, an amusing construct.

Though I lack knowledge in so many areas, I find through studying it's history I acquire some knowledge that is, in areas, more than some practitioners have had.

I collect weapons from the medieval era, pretty much anything pre-gun, back when war was more of, in my opinion a nobler art form. I often find myself practicing with them, partly to get a feel for their usage back than, and to improve my own health and stamina as well as well being.

I very much enjoy my sports, on occasion I will play football with friends, but more often I prefer to golf, bike and fence, as well as pollo both land and water based, badminton, vollyball, and a few others.

Book wise, when not reading about magical studies or things revolving around my work with sciences (this I cannot go into, at least, not yet), I enjoy the occasional fantasy book. I think so far my favorite series was "The Sword Of truth" by Terry Goodkind, although I did enjoy "The Summoner" by Gail Z Marten, and "Wizards & Warriors" but unfortunately I have forgotten the writer of the latter.

I am myself a writer in my free time. Fantasy novels, but also some instructional books.

Even less rarely will I watch Television, but when I do find that I have such a luxury of time on my hands and the weather is unfit, I enjoy The Simpsons, The Borgias, Dr. Who, The Big Bang Theory, and a few others, usually if I am by a tv I am watching an instructional video or a lecture on this or that.....

Movie wise, I very much enjoy the horror, fantasy, and comedy genres.

I have a very dark sense of humor most days but on occasion it will be a bright joke now and again. I know many of you will laugh at me, but I have a broken heart, I have had very poor relationship history with the man who I loved above all else, but that's not going to get me down visibly at least.

Message me if you need anything, magic related, or otherwise, and if it is in my power, consider my help as a resource at your disposal whenever I am online.

I could go on and on but I think that's quite enough for now, I hope to learn and am willing to share what little I know of magic and the world about us.


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