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Name: sammyhappy
Birthday: Jan 6 1998
Location: Here
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 05 Dec 2017

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If anybody likes mathematics, chemistry, music, the arts, or any form of science or art, or to study, or has any hobbies outside of sitting down and doing nothing, please message me about it.

At the bottom is my astrological data, feel free to interpret as you want, send me what you think. Do not lie.

Never forget your honesty

skype: sammyzeus

kik: CheddarsBaerger


Something that I find a lot of people, not just people here, lack; is the ability to find out and reason with the rules of a system. If you set forth certain laws and regulations for a system, you can not break those laws. The only time the laws can be spoken outside of is in the description of some meta-system. If you are speaking about a subject, whether or not it is chemistry, magic, biology, or alchemy, think about the rules governing the system, and take your stance from there.


Information about me personally, I study absolutely everything. I don't see the difference in any study, or in any belief or religion. I see more of a collection of observations under a different guise. in other words, the science never changes, the words do.

I see that many people here are quite judgmental, especially towards what they deem ignorance. Meaning if you have a mind to fantasize or to possibly want to connect personally instead of through the medium of philosophy or empty garbled wisdoms, you are out of luck. I think this leads to the development of more and more of this ignorant population, because the ignorant feel inferiority in their ideas and therefore either become defensive or afraid to ask or question possibilities. However, please if you feel unaccepted by this generally unaccepting community, you can talk to me. I will not judge you and i will think with you. I wont lie to you and i wont pretend to have more wisdom or knowledge than i do. But i always have time for discourse with fellow people on the path of knowledge, even if your ideas are deemed too fantastical for the community.


I don't necessarily believe in Chakras in the same way most people do, but I find that the tests can be a bit reflective, if you know what the questions ask and what answers will heed which results.

Root: (60%)

Sacral: (60%)

Navel: (100%)

Heart: (75%)

Throat: (100%)

Third Eye: (100%)

Crown: (100%)

All Numeric values are presented as degrees

Ascendant: 14 Gemini

Medium Coeli: 19 Aquarius

Sun: 11 Capricorn

Moon: 21 Aquarius

Mercury: 6 Sagittarius

Venus: 3 Aquarius Retrograde

Mars: 11 Aquarius

Jupiter: 22 Aquarius

Saturn: 13 Aries

Neptune: 28 Capricorn

Uranus: 7 Aquarius

Pluto: 6 Sagittarius

Lilith: 12 virgo


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