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Name: Friedo
Location: Smallville
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 11 Aug 2013

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Greetings to all,

my name's Yanni.

This site if for entertainment purposes only so I don't get why people still are seeking for "REAL" magic on this site...

Most people are already lost since the beginning in finding "REAL" magick because they don't understand what the word "MAGICK" stands for, but not only that..

The "MAGICK" they seek for has actually another name and in this way everyone uses misinformation which actually lets you fail!

These aren't the only problems, human behavior, -subconscious -and mind (the way we think(psychology) and all the rest that comes with the mind) play important roles in our life.

Another thing connected to these roles is today's economy!

I know I might not have given the full explenation but this is info nowhere to be found and I can guarantee you what I can teach you is real magick!

(But I won't yet, therefore I'll make a website and try to shut down those fake websites with too many promises, for example:

Those about the law of manifestation that say it's totally free and when you reach the bottom of the page you actually hav eto pay for the whole book and extras...

These are also the sites were they use many pictures, probably fake testimonials, many red color used in texts or flurised texts (yellow or red) etc etc...

So, be warned for such fake sites!)

Something similar would be the galactic confederation

(spiritualists on the internet, people are also deceived by thinking these spiritualists are legit because they call themselves spiritualists and again.. these people don't know the meaning of spiritualist just like they don't know what magick means)

A little guidance on this would be the following:

The most spiritualists on the internet are the ones with websites, youtube channels and so on..

But they'd Always ask for money!!!

Don't trust them!!!!!

They're just full of shit and are scams.

The ones you can trust are the ones in real life teaching for free!

I know such man who only asks money for the books he made (the paper he had to buy in the shop and the print inkt from the shop), he doesn't ask money for the time he put in making these books...

As you might've seen, I've mentioned the galactic confederation, right?

Well a little bit about this:

Take the blog I mentioned above for example..

If you read all the texts it's Always got the same message but the guy just uses different words..

It's fake, believe me!

This is an example of a fake spiritualist/channeler or whatsoever!


Now a little more about myself...

I'm 17 years old, MALE and STRAIGHT!

Also, I'm part Belgian and part Spanish/-and Greek.

I've lived all my life In Belgium and went every summer the whole vacation to Greek or sometimes 2 or even 3 times a year I visited Greece.

I'm homesick here in Belgium and I wanna live in Greece so badly!

Also, I never met my Spanish family nor I ever visited Spain..

This sucks, but that's because of my dad, for some reason he hates his Spanish father and therefore I never met my Granddad..

I think I'll add more later!

Bye :)

And to the pretty girls out there, be sure to mail me ;)


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