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Name: Selma
Location: Saint Louis
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 22 Jul 2010

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fuck it ANNOUNCENT!!: I think I'm getting bored with this site someone anyone give me a reason not to ditch it!!! The reason for this announcment is because this site is getting a little obnoxious to me. I like magic but this site but this site kills it. The people (EXCEPT MY FRIENDS!!!) are kinda stupid. I mean come on get that blessed be pole outta your bums. If you don't understand what I mean then never mind you belong here so feel free to ignore me. Makes me wonder if there is a real magic site somewhere. Though the more I think about it why would there be one on the internet. I don't think you can get it with out looking through...OMG I'm ranbling!!!!! O.O well anyways I'll take what I came here for then then we'll see if someone can make me actually wanna stay on here. (no offence ppl I like!!!-_-') THAT IS ALL I have some kick grits friends on here!!(and If I don;t answer ur messages after a week or two send them to Awaia. She'll get them read!!!!!!!!!!XD berryann-awesomest awesome person ever. her heart is as big as her appitete.(that means she's a saint!! ^,~) Skylark-sweetest gentlemanly man ever!!!! depresed-who doen't love a good old fashioned emo kid.When u go down take me with u!!! I luv u!!!! broken4life-like anyone can just have 1 emo friend!!XD SHE FREAKIN' ROCKS!!!! WHOOOHOOO!!! east_wind-pucking crazy aka just like me!! Lunar_light-U RULE!!!! dragmistres-We have much to destory together!!!XD bloody_ice-u make destrusion give me the warm fuzzies!!!! PhyVampire-ur pictures change so much it makes my head spin to keep up!9o9 Takimori-he may sound all teacher-y but he really just wants to be hugged and cuddley!!XD BeastHarlot-He's my pet! he even comes with his own tail!!XD lol XD sky335201-one of my many teachers. he has a really pucked up past but it made him inot a really decent guy. U need help? see him! Azura_wolf-he's very interesting to say the least! DemonRabbit-okay everyone give a heart filled "boooo" to my baby brother james who decided to join us on the web. He's a douche!!Yeah!!:P lilmama-my niece screw with her and u die!!!I mean it!):( MINIMOUSE!!!-the very first to slap me for not adding her !!! yay!! she's awesomerificer than every supermodel crime fighter in the world!!!!I dare you to prove me wrong and live!!!!!!XD If I forgot u please feel free to slap me. cuz I deserve it! TT-TT I'm fifteen and I love magic, spells and magic creatures. So I want to learn every thing I can about it. My favorite magick is elemental, energy and psychic, and I'm going to learn both dark and light magic some day, cuz all bad or all good bugs me. Anyway I want anyone and ever one who call show me some real magic to teach me. I'm not picky, or not very anyway. I want some amazing things to so send me some amazing spells too, not just basics. I'm pretty easy to talk to, so write away, don't hold back, show me something. I'm willing to learn, if you're willing to type.Or you can just message me for fun!!! Let's talk!!XD I want to be a sorceress!>^^)>-* ** *-


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