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Name: tryme
Location: athens, greece
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Oct 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello stranger. You might just give me a little of what I need to experience, and if you do, you will certainly get something as well. If you find this something you can utilise via believing into, read on.

My field of interest includes:

1) Desire to mutually share knowledge and information (actual memories relevant to your field of interest)

2) Concerned about practical magic (my knowledge is mostly of theoritical and observant nature). Would love to find someone to trust and work with, but I have not been impressed to that degree yet.

3) Philosophy, fortune systems, physiology, nutrition, body and conciousness evolution, seemingly (under strict judgement) absolute knowledge, and what you think about what people have fit in the word god. And anything You think might be interesting for what you think I am.

My field of talents (things I have given effort into) mostly (excluding secrets) consists of:

1) *Thinking* (and especially about reality structure and laws). Recognising such patterns strongly affects field of choice range as well as prediction abilities, thus I consider it to be essential part of develloping the abilities of a mantis/fortune teller.

2) Information on personal or reliable empirical data. To prove (and thus render able to believe into) exceptions to what most consider impossible or inexistent.

3) Analysis of consciousness and sensory models (maybe yours also) (never tired of it)

4) Theoritical approaches concerning theological, magical, shamanic and similar systems.

5) Nature and reconnecting with non-social environment.

6) Things that I consider less dangerous to children than death spells, but challenging to accept by any decent moderator (will ask, though)

7) Love (still trying to figure out the extent of its power)


I have no serious practical experience (or else little) of magic, in spite of realising that I am living within its phenomena and It the whole time. And I want to. I joined this site hoping to find people and I am generally open to almost anything, but wont cope long with hatrid-containing material. My mental (and even moving) abilities share a trait: applying maximum effort within minimal amounts of time (explosion style), and thus naturally I am almost permamently yet not exactly/kinda tired. This reminds me, I am bored/tired of editing this profile for about a minute, so...

(ps let me know you funny people)


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