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Name: chaos_witch
Birthday: Aug 28 1998
Location: Some f-ing where
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 22 May 2014

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FIRST OF ALL IF YOUR GOING TO GIVE ME THE VAMPIRES DONT EXIST SPEECH I DONT WANT TO HERE IT DONT BOTHER TALKING TO ME Ok so this hasn't been updated in like a year let me start with saying I'm not a creepy emo chick for real. I'm a half breed vampire not even half breed my grandfather's mother's father's grandfather was full blooded. I think anyway I don't know how fsr back it goes. Just so you know i am an energy vampire who happens to enjoy drinking blood its in our nature. Other than that I am pretty normal. My fangs are plastic. My eyes are brown and my hair is blond. I call myself a pagan but really I don't know what the hell I am. A kid maybe yeah just a kid. I don't even try to care at all anymore. I hate being young. Everyone questions my mind because where I live they are all idiots or rednecks. They do not understand who is still in middle school could possibly know anything at all. They think I am stupid because my grades are low. I wish people would stop focusing on booksmarts. People here also think I'm mentally insane and want to kill me just for not being a Christian a mid thirties stoner might say I lived in "Redneck Hell". Anyways enough about my life lets talk about vampires. Let me start off with the sun myth. We are actually just more sensative to sunburns and,we can actually see better at night. If we were to look directly at the sun we would merely get a migraine that lasts on average two days sometimes weeks. That's pretty much all there is there. Feeding,a very difficult subject. We eat mostly human food. That goes for both half breeds and full breeds. However. Half breeds only need blood about once every six months. Not to survive but to kill "the thirst" a constant hunger nothing will satisfy. Usually all have breeds need is a half cooked steak. Now with full breeds its very different. They,true to the movie. Need to feed once every two weeks sometimes sooner however,every case of vampirism is different. If you want to know more just ask me. And just so you know there are a lot of posers on the website. YOU CANNOT CAST A SPELL TO TURN YOURSELF INTO A VAMPIRE TO CHANGE YOU NEED A MASTER HALF BREED OR A REGULAR FULL BREED AND IT DOESN'T ALWAYS WORK SO IF YOUR A TWILIGHT OBSESSED TRUE BLOOD OBSESSED VAMPIRE DIARY OBSESSED MOVIE FREAK DON'T FUCKING TRY IT YOU WILL HURT YOURSELVES


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