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Name: hellomarii
Birthday: Mar 9 1993
Location: New York
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 10 Aug 2013

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Personal Bio
I'm not really normal, otherwise why would i be here? Lol. I'm a very open person.

I am an empath therefor in my group i am needed in order to make serious contact with anything (spirits, demons, etc.). Being a water sign makes me the strongest empath in my group. In my group there are two main empaths. Me, a water, and my close friend Billy, an Earth sign. He has brought back out the empath in me ever since i started hanging around him.

When the moon is full, is when i am most active/ wild. Makes sense right? When it is First quarter or third quarter i am mostly evil. Cresent, depressed. The rest just throw me off. I am also active during the night rather than in the morning.

Water calms me down. If i don't have water around me at all times, i panic and have an anxiety attack. It's not fun. I wear a necklace with water in it around my neck daily along with my protection symbol neckalce, blessed for Duh.

I read tarot cards. It's my one thing i bring to The group. I love doing it and i will never stop. It gives me hope, insight, and faith to keep going on certain things. It also gives me power to refuse certain things to keep me safe.

Candle burning spells are my specialty as well. I don't use plants or those things yet, but once i am able to i will.

Okay so whose 'The Group' she speaks of? I know you were wondering. It involves:
Me (water)
Billy (Earth)
Kyle (water-and whose also my nephew & who i can read the best)
Ashley (Fire)
Sebastian (Earth)

We have no Airs and we never want to have an air join our group. They are the worst. Sorry if you are an air..but it's just the way we feel. When we are together we are at our highest power. Ashley (fire) has a boyfriend who is an air and we all get along, but we always have fights, and that throws all of us off. So our main group are the people listed above.

I am open to new people and new things. You may contact me about anything, and i will be willing to help :) Also, i am here to learn new things!


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