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Name: DarkWolffe
Birthday: Jun 1997
Location: Wandering in the lost mist of darkness
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 20 Jul 2013

Membership: Member

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About Me


My name is MaceyAnn Casper Zraid but that is not my real name. You can call me either Macey or Mace.

I love anime and a little bit of rp (stands for role playing)

I'm bisexual and proud of it..

I'm also emo/goth .....I cut

I'm part demon and if you don't belive it then go away

If you want to build me up then break me down then don't bother me

because I am suicidal so don't try crap!

I fall easily for people male and females!

I don't trust easily and I have abandonment issues as well..


If you want to just chat about who knows what or if you would like to get to know me, feel free to message me. Please have a subject and try to say something more than "hey", "hi", or "what's up" ok I would greatly appreciate it. But if you are above the age of 21 and you try flirting with me or if you harass me then I will block you. No joke!

Listen I'm not going to sugar coat this but if your one of those people out there who change how they treat someone just by what they learn then don't bother messaging. You know that I fall easily for people..(if you've even read my bio thus far) but my heart is fragile and all I want is friends who treat me right and will care for me..if you can't do that then just stop here and go away...sorry...actually not really....sorta... If you would like to be a friend, to love me like one should then message me.

You hurt me and I will cause chaos to rain on you.....

That's all have a nice day ^_^

I also kinda just want to put in.... where in my bio does it say if I'm in a relationship huh? No where that's right...however don't try to "assume" I'm single and try to flirt with me alright...I'm not a toy to be played with carelessly so please show some respect towards me....thank you...but by thhe way just so y'all won't be nosy I'm taken by someone and I love her with every bone in my body (and yes her..if you have a problem with it then keep it to your self)

SM and KL. (by the way the sm is the intials for my real name)

Thanks ^_^


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