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Name: SirenWitch5
Location: Onyx River
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 28 Jan 2013

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What you need to know: I am a witch of love and relationships. I have been practicing magic my entire life. I know what I am doing and always have good results. I am a communicater with ghosts, spirits, and creatures. Spells, healing, tarot card reading, and crystal ball readings are my expertise. I have saved lives, taken lives, helped relationships, broken relationships, given amnesia, and have access to the other realm which I like to call the afterlife. can astral project also. My element is water and I am reflective. I have my own coven that I created and got together.I am a healer and am here to help others. I am very knowledgable and take my magic seriously. I practice white magic, hoodoo, black magic, and many more. I have ways with the universe and am a messenger. I never do anything to harm, only to help. I know all there is to know about the elements, herbs, health, love, etc. I know what I am doing and this is not a joke. I have natural pure beauty and men are attracted to me. I have earned my title by helping others and having experience beyond my years. I can help anyone who needs my help. Simply send me a message explaining what the problem is, situation, and what you need my help with. I will respond to you because my purpose on this earth is to serve those who need my assistance. I have known my entire life that I am a witch from then tender age of 2 years old being able to see and communicate with ghosts, spirits, and the dead. It is in my blood and geneic throughout my family. My grandmother and father have told me what I am when I was just a toddler. Everything about me is all real and natural. If you have any questions feel free to message me. My religion is Satanic Wiccan but I do not claim myself as a Wiccan. I claim myself for what I truly am as a Witch. I have many books on magic including my BOS. I believe that everyone you meet and talk to comes into your life for a reason no matter what length of time they remain. Blessed be.

I have been able to sit down and talk to complete strangers about the history of their family, a friend who passed on, and their lives for hours. I could sit down with someone for six hours telling them in full detail and have never been wrong. I have also summoned ghosts and spirits for people, told them their future, what is yet to come, with friends, family, and their relationships. I have never been wrong and have always turned out right. I also have many ghost stories as well. This is enough though and everything that I have said on here is all true about me.

I am a teacher in Pagan Fellowship


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