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Name: RheiPopLolli
Birthday: Aug 3 1993
Location: San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 19 Sep 2012

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Hello, My name is Jem/Elizshel/ I'm a Filipino, guess what age i'am :)

I'm just 14 years old okay! so what? and i have a secret obssession at One Direction [Niall,Zayn,liam,harry&Louis] even at Greyson Chance, many more.. i just love MUSIC :)) i love to sing, act, dance, but i want to prove that i can have a better IQ for the sake of my PARENTS! and RELATIVES i hate being compared someone, i can show them but how? if i always down myself, and just being sensitive? cry?

When i was like young back in my graders, i use to trick my BFF that i can control the wind, i can talk to spirits, sometimes i'm over imagining my mother always tell me to focus on the world and stop thinking of something that was not important and to go away to my world, i just like imagining, feeling something that someone was near you, watching you, and i like the feeling being emotional cause it suits me, i always give advices to people,, and i don't know why i can know what they are thinking in just a snap of time, even though i don't i don't know what they are talking about i get connected,, sometimes by lies, im a catholic but im telling you I Love Jesus Christ our God, i love Him :) and he's always their with me, he keep me safe, even though i always do wrong and he is still their forgiving me,, and still letting me know and feel that he loves me he always watch us,,

I came to this site because of my brother, yeah, but i really like to tell you guys that i like having a wings? being a fairy? well at this site? it was my first time being honest that i love to have a thing on me like i can cast spell,, but i'm confused on how to know my elementS? can someone message me,,? PLEASE?

i like making stories, Novels? Short stories? but im calling myself lazy, cause you can't make me get up from my bed w/out any reason, Laptop, Itouch, Music are my life, but ofcourse! GOD TOO!,, I'm blessed,, as always,, cause im still awake so i have a purpose on this world, but please can someone tell me do i have a chance? to prove myself to know what element? i can have? to know if i have the power? im coruios? confuse? i don't know what to do,, please help me...

[Sharing] If i wanted to try something like turn of the light, i stare at it so closely,, and imagining it was getting soft or breaking then my head aches the part where my left eyes is,, it really hurts,, and whenever i'm crying i always felt someone was their,, hugging me,, and keep imagining it was my SOMEONE, and im quite scared? but i want to face my fears but how?



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