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Name: Obscure
Birthday: Dec 8
Location: For me to know and you to find out
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 14 Apr 2013

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Hello and welcome to my profile/personal bio, my name is Cora - been practicing and studying very hard.I practice Witchcraft,reiki, and Shamanism.Born Catholic, was a Wiccan and I am now a Polytheist.

I really don't like to give out my age.I will say I'm young but act old, I'm a old soul.I won't show my face and age because of flirty and judgmental people on this site.If I trust you I'll reveal my age and face...

I call myself a Polytheist.I have my own religion with no name- I just call it my path.I believe all of the gods and goddesses exist.I give great respect to all of them but I do not worship them or anything.I don't depend on the gods and goddesses like some people do- but I only ask little things like guidance and protection, everything else is on my own.I enjoy being independent thou I do not mind help from others :)

I take magick very serious and I don't tolerate people who do it for 'fun'.Magick is not a game .

My practices involve white magick- not that I don't like black magick..Its just I don't like harming others- It is against my vows to harm people with my magick.I do lots of random spells..But I would say I do lots of balancing and cleansing- I also work with crystals.

I'm not casting anything for now..I'm just studying stuff and sometimes boosting my psychic abilities abit.

I study magick (all kinds- dragon,elemental,healing,gray magic,neutral,black,white,necromancy,knot,candle,herbal,symbolic,color,poppet,weather),Wiccan Sabbaths and Holidays,crystals/stones,divination,religion(many forms of Christianity,Satanism,Hinduism,Buddhism, and so on-If your one of these list or have any religion- please tell me-I love learning),Parapsychology,different types of demons,angels, and spirits.If you study or know any of these- please share your info ^^

I have several psychic abilities.I'm too lazy to type them all down lol

My inner animal is a cat,my Chinese zodiac is a Ox and my Greek Zodiac is a Sagittatius.I'm connected to all elements because it seems to change alot- I can't stay on one element..I'm balanced with light and dark- but light seems over rule the most.I have no guardians/guides with me.(they are never around anymore)

Likes:Studying(yeah- I'm a nerd-get over it),drawing,moon,stars,Astrology,Parapsychology,animals, rainy days and thunder storms,freedom,nature,nighttime(especially midnight),dusk,sunrise,staying up late(I can't sleep or don't feel sleepy),crystals/stones,autumn,open minded people,to teach

Dislike:Close minded people,being judged,noon,to fear things(I know its weird...),not being understood.

I can teach you telepathy(read others' mind),hydrokinesis(moving water with mind) and manipulating energies(use to attack,heal,protect,confuse),Psychokinesis(moving fire with mind) trust me its not hard to do it. I will teach you, give you tips, and your on your own. Also I teach magickmyth creatures and otyher stuff.Just message me.

Telekinesis for beginners:
> <
Yes.. thats me talking...believe it or not

I'm very respectful to nature and it's children- some people say I have connections and ways with animals.

I find myself respectful and a tolerate person- I don't judge by looks,race,age,sex,sexual preference,religion/belief, and magicks you practice.

If you message me
It would be nice if you had a topic but either way is fine with a hi, hey, and so on - no flirty messages - I'm taken and very happy.I maybe super kind- its just my nature-its not flirting(unless your my bf lol).Ask me questions- I love it.

I will not cast for other people ! Unless your a my greatest and dearest friend- and don't try to be friends with me if your going to use me.If I get any messages that involve with you asking me to cast spells for you- I will ignore it and give you a spell to do that may help your problem.

I love helping people- I'm open minded-stop here if you have trouble dealing with magick.You can talk out your problem here too- I will try to help or make you feel better in away I can.Also I love listening to stories,other's views of belief or their experience with the paranormal.

My mood changes on the base of yours but if your angry,rude or flirty at me- I usually don't return it. But if your sad,happy,hyper,serious,nice, etc - I'll have the same mood lol.Please be honest to me.If I find out you lied to me-I may lose trust in you.and it maybe very difficult for you to gain it back.
I do not believe in uglyness or evil in people.

Do please send me mail- I love talking :) (I won't be as boring as my
Have a good day~

(Sorry that its long..I get carried


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