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Name: darkangic44
Birthday: Jul 3 1995
Location: serra vista az
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 04 Sep 2012

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I'm not much of a talker when i meet new people so i'm a little shy but if i get to know you i will talke a lot in a way and i don't judge people by the way they look and i get to know them first and i like to swim and i like horror and romance and comedy movies and i like anime and manga too i don't know what it is like to have a boyfriend and what it is like to be i love or like someone and i used to be a lot skinner and a lot more prettier but the people from my middle school bully me and i had no friends at all and everybody in that school hated me for no reason and they diden't know me at all and it was mostly the boys who bully and the girls treat me like a dog and all the new students diden't know me too and they treat me the same way as everybody else so i don't know if a boy will like me now that i'm in high school in 12 grade but i wan't a boyfrind know i want to have fun with him. and i don't know if will get out high school this year but as long as he will still like me and he likes anime and manga too like me i will like that a lot it will make me so happy. I'm just scared to be alone my whloe life i have bine patinect but i'm a bit pretty but fat all i want it to have someone love me as in a boyfriend but it seems i'm not their type i know everyone wants someone who's hot or pretter and skinny at time's i want to die because it seem that i'm not wanted i even tride to kill myself when i was 10 years old and also when i was 11 and 12 and 13 because everyone at my school bake then made me feel that i shounldn't have been born and i tolde myself not to give up bacause you mite make friends in high school and a boy friend but still nothing happening to me even if i have to sell my soul i will do it i'm tirde seying mybe the next day all the time to myself i want love i'm desperte i don't care what other's sey i all ready lost hope a long time ago i want to be skinny i want to smile agan i want to be happy even if it maens i'll go to hell if i don't get want i want the most then i'll die in the inside and then i'll eventually kill myseilf i have nothing to lose in the end.


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