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Name: shadowheart0
Birthday: Aug 5 1997
Location: following order and causing chaos
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Jun 2016

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my chosen name is shadow heart my previous account (shadow150) was deleted accidentally so i have created a new account as always im here to help anyone who asks. im 18 and i have been practicing magic for 7 years now. i am an eclectic pagan. i am a tarot reader and an empath also clairvoyant. i have a lot of knowledge of ghosts and magical symbols i also study divination as an extra. i have devoted myself to the craft. i have learnt to conjure spirits for example relatives and friends spirits to converse with them and i have also learnt how to channel many types of energy. i have a broad knowledge of the egyptian, greece and roman gods and goddesses and there aspects.

star sign: leo

elements: light and darkness

birthstone: tigers eye

my patron gods are: Erebus (Greek elemental god of darkness) & Nyx ( Greek goddess of the night)

my spirit animals: snakes and cats (mortal enemies i know but they have a certain connection to me)

i love anime, manga, music, writing, drawing and reading (fiction mostly for example skulduggery plesent) i like to sit on my own and think allot and i get aggravated when surrounded by people. i love the dark it makes me feel more alive and more willing to do things.

i have problem with friends sometimes because i will kick any new friends away if i think they are going to stab me in the back at the first chance they get. i like having a friend who listens and doesn't take over and who also includes me in things with them.

people often describe me as being an goth which i am not. i am just someone who likes the colour black and likes having long hair.

i also love cosplay and vampires, werewolves and ghost(but im no fluff) i think that they are cool and any who likes any of them is cool by me ;) and my favorite day of the year is Halloween (samhain)

i also believe in duality for example light and dark, good and evil, black and white.


without order there is chaos. without chaos there is no order. i am the black and white witch shadow heart


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