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Name: will420
Birthday: Dec 11 1998
Location: East Hampton, CT
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 17 Dec 2012

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my new profile is hello my name is will.i am a nimphomaniac. im staight. so plz dont ask guys. i do elemental magic. black magic. white magic. i do practically all black magick and some white. im single. im thirteen. i like to do love spells, money spells, binding spells, healing spells, luck spells, banishing spells, in particular. im really friendly so u can chat me i wont bite. alot of people ask me to do spells for them ill set it at $20 for candle magic and basically everyrthing like that, i perform conjurings for $30. but if ur gay and i say im straight and u still try to sweet talk me i will block u. im serious. but if u respect me ill still tlk to u k. o yea my element is fire. im currently working in demonology, conjuring, herbalizism, and glamour(for those who dont know what that is it is what sorcerers use to appear to be what they r not), shamanism, and i belong to no religion, im also working on and im training to be a psi mage(not fluffy its all to do with psi, astral projection.). im of the occult. i have my own methods of meditation. well they work extremley well. if u want to know them ask.?lol thats about it for now and if u wanna chat and ask me quesions go ahead.

with perfect love and and perfect trust root: underacrive (-19%) sacral: open(31%) naval: open(44%) heart: open(50%) throat: over-active(81%) thirdeye: overactive(88%) crown: open(44%) blessed be guys. watch viveck the prophet on youtube its so enlightening and empowering. youll understand. my favorite witch of alltime and my idol is lady sheba. she got that name "sheba" from one of her past lifes look her up shes soooo cool. o yea and my favorite series(book series) is the last apprentice by joseph delaney guys its really awesome. i love messages so mail me. i dont have a favorite song. i like all punk and alternitive music hard rock(metallica stuff like that). rap. johnny cash music. basically all kinds of rock n roll from the 60s/70s. i think i have a very unique kind of state of mind that only a few of the people in my life know. exactly. i honestly really dont care about wat people think about what i do or how i tlk. how i treat people is really not complicated its black and white. if i hate or dislike or am annoyed with i am extremely that if i like u i extremley like u. so u should be able to tell. im simple minded but also not. complicated u would understand unless we hungout face to face. if i might sound plain and untalkitive and give short answers its bcuz i hate typing.....:( not bcuz ur boring.:) im real chill. soo thats it for now. anything else ask im on pretty much everyday. and if i dont respond quickly i reached my limit. one day i was in the car with my mom and we were tlkin about paganism and shes said that when she was a girl(catholic) her and my aunts znd uncles and grandparents couldnt eat meat on fridays she said she never new why. this is what i like about witchcraft in general. everything has a reason and purpose. hey guys i was gagged so ummmm 4 my friends u can call me at 8603655190 ok.


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