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Name: danninta
Location: OKC
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 04 Nov 2010

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I am a returning Wiccan. About 2 years ago I believed with all my strength but the combined weight of my mother and the people around me made me turn face from it. After having many sleepless nights I've decided to come back and see if its possible to pick up where I left off. I'm very excited to get back into the calming meditation and soothing energy I felt before. Even though i stopped practicing, I've never stopped believing. My old view of Wicca was jaded and mixed with child's fantasy and television propaganda. Ive realized now that my old view of Wicca was mainly wrong and I acted a fool believing the way i did. This religion is not about having magical powers and doing flashy things, which never worked for me. This religion is about celebrating all the great things in life and helping others. If i teach anything to anyone its that some of the views people have on this religion are mainly uneducated and hold little to no truth. I am Dannin Lee Tauber a Wiccan by choice, and I don't care who knows this about me.

I am currently studying astral projection and energy manipulation. I want to be able to manipulate my energy further so that i can become a slightly proficient healer, which is my goal as a wiccan. I want to learn to astral project so that i can have a place away from my physical world to learn in. If anyone happens to wonder onto my page and knows something about either of these things please let me know. Blessed Be


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