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Name: Puritania
Birthday: May 26 1988
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 13 Aug 2012

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So basically, I am a newbie. I have been interested in magic since I was 14 and I started practicing, but lost touch and here I am 10 years later.

I would love to learn all there is about ALL types of magic and practices. I don't know much, yet, but I love to learn about the occult, wicca, alchemy, necromancy, and everything else esoteric. I am very serious about learning. I don't even know where to start when it comes to making an altar or what tools I need. If anyone would like to recommend any books, videos, websites, or even take me under your wing ... I would be forever grateful.

I would also like to learn how to control my OOBEs. I have not been out, consciously, for a few months now. However, the next morning, I know left ...but I can not remember where I went or what I did. It's extremely frustrating.

My great great aunts were witches so I know it's in my blood somewhere. I have lots of energy, I just need help harnessing it and controlling it.


I was in the chatroom yesterday, and for some reason I've been denied chat access.
I would like to know why. I also can't send messages.
I never cussed, never insulted anyone, didn't use caps, didn't spreak a foreign language, and didn't use overrrrrrrr elongated words.
I have followed your guidelines with all due respect.
You can check the chat history if that function is avaiable for you.
The only thing I can think of is when people were talking about spirit scratchers, I said "oh, that's what they are? those little boogers!"
I'm sorry, but I didnt know that calling something a dried chunk of mucus was considered as profanity or an attack? It wasn't directed towards anyone on here. It also wasn't in substitute as an actual curse word. Would you scold your child for calling a spirit a booger? Let's be mature shall we?
I find this highly unfair and extremely ridiculous.
I am here to learn the different practices, ask questions, and gain knowledge that I didn't have before.
I am not here to be cast out. It seems as if your moderators have a god complex and some of them shouldn't be allowed to have that power.


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