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Name: Alysia
Location: Keeping my life in order
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 23 Dec 2008

Membership: Contributor

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I am Alysia or Alys, I am a healer and a crystal child*. I work with energy and am a medium, clairvoyent or what every you want to call it and see and hear spirits. I am able to heal people overseas and in different countries now!! Practice makes perfect :) I am loyal and will always be optimistic and very spontanteous...unless you give me a reason to flip out. I will stand by you until the end and won't turn on you for any reason if your my friend. I am a very loving person, and hyper and happy. I am very opinionated, and say what I feel. I am a mentor for loads of people, many levels and ages. Mail me for anything. If you want help or need to find the right teacher I would be happy to help. If there is anything you need, ANYTHING (Other than black magick or magick that breaks the three fold law or is for purely personal gain) you need help with, or just want to talk, mail me! If you want AIM, MSN, yahoo or email so we can talk further, contact me! Oh, and I also go by Sylanthia (My magickal name :D) My awsome friends are: ( This isn't completely up to date, mail me if I missed you! PS, In alphabetical order!) AmethystDonn** Apollo** AvaMoonLight*** Belza*** Blue_moon*** Canhead88* Chaos****(thank you) Charmedguy85* Cocotiger*** Darkabubis27** Dare2love* Dravenmaster* Elenah****************************(BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD) Emalyn** Faith91***************Best friend and sister Hellfire** jessluv Lightwitch**** Linkmaster74* Lucille**** masterme*** MidnightMyth**** Millary**** Moony** Mythrougue***** Nahara Nari*****************(sister :P, well not really but I love you like one! and Best Friend) Nash**** Nightsong* (Congrats on Ariana!!) Oakwood*** QtigerQ** Piper_gurl***(Best friend!!! No matter what and get that straight) Purity_Kikyo** Scooby*** Shadowmark*** SilverVixen**** StellaSylph**** (Jinx Buddy!) Ramah************* (Soul sister, best friend in real life) Skylark* Tankgrrl** Takimori* turtlegirl**** White_rose******** (Love you soo much! Best Friend) Witch_Anna** Witch_Arden** Witch_brooke** Witch_Hilary** *=Great friends **= Best friends ***= love you *****= sister/ brother or absolutly amazing friend That does not mean everyone else isn't, just I don't know you so well yet! And then the gun's rang one last shot And it felt like a bullet in her heart Baby why'd you leave me Why'd you have to go? I was counting on forever, now I'll never know I can't even breathe It's like I'm looking from a distance Standing in the background Everybody's saying, he's not coming home now This can't be happening to me This is just a dream ----------------------------------------------------- Other facts about me: *I will stand up for my friends no matter what *I am addicted to my phone!! *I love Broadway, country, and some rock music *I read fantasy so much my mom wants to kill me *I LIVE in a fantasy *I am Danish and I live in America *I am a flirt :P Sorry but it is natural *I LOVE licorish!!!! *My cat talks to me *I have a coven in real life, as in off this site and it is quite sucsessfull so I am happy :D I am priestess *My sister's name is Sarah but her account here is Elanah *If I like a word you are using I will steal it *I am not afraid to wear a winter jacket in the summer if I am cold *I am not snobby, I am opinionated and it gets me into trouble *I HATE pie! *I sing to stop my pain and to get out my emoions *I believe that America is screwed up *I believe that the civilized world ended in 2000 *I like boys


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