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Name: Stasiarose
Location: Earth. Sometimes.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 07 Sep 2012

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I'm just a girl trying to release her inner beast. Parents think I'm stupid for trying saying, theres no such thing as a werewoof, you can't become a werewoof. Yes, they pronounce werewolf as werewoof. All I've ever been was an akward sort of person so I thought, hey mabey werewolfism will help. If any of you are willing to even listen to my cause, thanks. To the rest of you, you can go ahead and stop reading, you've done your part.

I guess I have to say I'm a hell of a good singer for my age. I'm no opera singer but I'm still pretty good. I can also occasionally see the future or know what someones going to say before they say it. Also for some reason I dream of dieing alot. I've fallen off a cliff, been shot, fallen off a mountain, been eaten, alot of bad stuff you know? But back to seeing the future, I may daydream about something, or dream about it, in fact I might even think it without knowing.

Most people gasp at this when I tell 'em that I've dreamed of a white wolf with green eyes. That, to put it simply I was the white wolf with green eyes. I don't know why though, if you do please tell me.

Now onto life, I'm an impulse thinker and have ADHD bad enough to take medication for it, which I do. I have two dogs, Zeus and Xena, both puppies.

If your a bully, STOP NOW. Your the reasons why a little boy comited suicie by SHOOTING HIMSELF with his dad's guns. His parents came home to find him lying dead on the floor. Now I'm not going to be Mrs. Chainmail so I won't say "put this on your profile if you agree." No. Instead try to stop it, only you can make a difference not by posting something on your bio, but by donating to bullying charitys. Or even simply looking at a website about it! Stand up for the kids who can't stand up for themselves.

I'll pep the mood up now with this song.

A miner once told me hero brine is just a phoney, my pick aint the sharpest tool in my chest, I was just diggin strait down till a skelli turned around with a bow and an arrow held before him, well the monsters kept coming and they didnt stop comin my hearts are droppin time to hit the ground runnin, didnt make sence not to build for fun your hands get smart and your stuff gets done so much to do so much to see so take a chance and run with me passin holes and creeper craters see the light? nope its just water hey now your a miner get your pickaxe go mine hey now your a fighter get your sword out go fight all that glitter is gold only expert miners mine real slow its a cool place and they say it gets colder your not an expert yet just wait till your older cause Jeff and notch are makin it better for each of us all together the time we take is gettin pretty thin its almost morning time so I may just take ten my world is epic how bout yours?

~Alittle bit of my Minecraft All star parody


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