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Name: Dannyboy5642
Birthday: Oct 19 1999
Location: Protecting those who need it
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 28 Jan 2016

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Here'sa philosophical essay of mine:


The meaningless word. Forged by its opposite: sanity. Both without definition, they conspire danger and safety into the cold, empty, and diluted minds of each and every living human that possesses neither one. Their lack of meaning confuses those who study them, by the fact that neither exist, they remain in the minds of the philosophers and poets, who are forever rejected by society for their higher understanding of one?s beliefs in anything. Society once and still rejects difference without noticing that its antonym, normality, has no appearance or existence in day to day life, nor does it anywhere else. It is a sign of the untouchable essence of perfection, ever searched and never found. Nothing, the lack of all, is this treasure: perfection. It lacks every possibility of error. But if nothing were to be the only thing that exists, it would be everything. Thus beginning the reign of imperfection and error, then leading to the human race, a large mass of contradictory. Making things to destroy others and one another, believing it brings evolution and advance when it turns on its self and pulls us back to the primitive yet positively better state of apes. Then, such as it was written, it is contradictory. Even the very aspect of religion dictates: ?Here, you?re human. Now do me a favour and don?t be human?. It brings the most perspective of us to insanity. The everlasting pool of darkness that crumbles the mind of its host. Yet at thought, insanity is the closest thing we have to reality. It is open to the truth of our world: pain and suffering. The lies then being what our parents taught us as children and what they gave us and the way they protected us, hiding our fragile minds from the outside world, filled with the hate and war that destroys our nations. In all reality, we are slaves to our own creation: knowledge. Our curiosity has destroyed us by giving us reason to lose sanity. We are all insane, you must grasp that fact. And then, only then, will you be able to gain sanity.


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