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Name: Rowan_Black
Location: Temecula
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 31 Mar 2008

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Hello, I'm new to this so here it goes: I've always had a fascination with magic and the wiccan faith. I've tried some spells here and there. when I found this site I was intrigued, so decided to join. The spells I found were exactly what I was looking for and were very helpful. I haven't tried any of them yet. I am waiting to get the supplies. Anyways, that's pretty much it about that I guess, if you want to know about me personally - keep reading. *pardon my french in some parts* I'm 15 years young. Blow my candles on march 4th. I'm not girly (mostly). I just look the part. Some might say I'm weird or annoying. Then again. "Some" people don't even know me. Besides, being normal is BORING. Anyways. Um well I like black. It's a nice color, you know? And it goes with everything. Hmm...I get pissed off at almost anything. That's just the way am, SENSITIVE. But I don't get pissed off at people I just met. Because I don't know them enough/they haven't done anything to get me mad at them. I do love most things. As contradicting as that sounds. Friends && Family are my life so if I was alone It would be forceful suicide. life sucks at times but it gets better. up, down, side to side. life takes you anywwhere. just go with it! and always remember fate doesn't put you through anything you shouldn't. There's a lot to know about me, be patient and maybe you'll find out. so yes I am ME. and this is the story of my life. i love kisses. i can't live without hugs. and like I said i'm NOT normal so if you have a problem with that? Get over it or otherwise don't talk to me. i live my life the way I want so DON'T try to make it otherwise. i AM a bitch at times. i'm also a HUGE dork. i'm mostly shy at first. but once you get to know me I'm fun and outgoing. I DO care what people say about me. But i dont let it run who I am. I try to make the most of my life && try to live it happy. I could talk shit all day. But i would rather have a LIFE ya know? so there you go. that's my story. that's my tale. so get used to it 'kay? I do what I want and love what I do. Though some things I do are questionable...but still "Never regret something that once made you smile." 'cause some point in time everything you did was exactly what you wanted. So don't complain about your life. Just live it and move on. Shit happens but so what? Miracles happen too


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